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Energy to power the development of nations

Since its inception, Tecpetrol has contributed to development in Latin American countries; providing energy for transport, industries, businesses and for use in homes.

It is dedicated to energy exploration, production, transportation, distribution and generation.

Tecpetrol focuses on continuous improvement in each activity and in each process. Constant innovation and renewal means that the company has not only achieved better recovery rates of reserves in mature fields and greater efficiency in its gas transportation operations, but also developed unconventional projects that are today held up as an example worldwide.

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How we work

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    Exploration & Production

    This is the search for oil and gas. If successful, this stage concludes with the discovery of a deposit.

    Drilling is still the best way to verify the existence of hydrocarbons in the subsoil, even after undertaking all the studies required to determine probability.

    After drilling and completion, the well is ready to produce, either by natural upwelling or by pumping.

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    The hydrocarbons travel a long distance to the end user, from the wellhead through a complex network of routes and pipelines making up the national transport and distribution system, including storage areas where they are warehoused or processed.

    Transportation involves two key stages: the first is transferring the raw material through oil and gas pipelines from the fields to the refinery, for processing to obtain derivatives and by-products; and the second stage concerns distribution for final consumption.

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    By-products reach the consumption centers. Supply to each individual user is handled by the distribution companies, using their own pipeline system or network. Gas for domestic use, for example, travels along small pipes, often made of plastic, with individual meters for each customer.


Exploration & Production

Tecpetrol explores and produces oil and gas in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. With more than 760 wells in production, the areas where it operates are home to plants and facilities for primary and secondary recovery, gas conditioning and processing, and power generation.


Transport & Distribution

Tecpetrol has been carrying out hydrocarbon transportation and distribution activities since 1997, thanks to its involvement in a range of different energy integration projects across South America. In Peru, Tecpetrol headed up the consortium in charge of operations and maintenance for the national Pipeline Transport System. In Argentina, it has a stake in various gas transport and distribution companies.


Energy transition

We are convinced of the importance of creating long-term value, combining economic and environmental sustainability to meet needs in a fast-moving energy market, with the aim of contributing to a significant reduction in the industry’s carbon footprint.

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  • The first pilot plant in Latin America suitable for testing all types of brines

    Up in the highland plateau of Salta, Tecpetrol has launched a lithium pilot plant able to test 25 tons/year of LCE, processing up to 1,000 liters of brine per hour.
  • Fortín de Piedra: Unconventional operation

    Fortín de Piedra was once nothing but flat steppes. Today, this oil and gas field is held up as an example of efficiency worldwide thanks to its speedy development.
  • Pesquería Power Plant: power generation

    With an investment of one billion dollars, Tecpetrol spearheaded a project to construct a power plant in Monterrey, Mexico. A strategic initiative showcasing synergy within the Group.
  • El Tordillo: our school site

    Tecpetrol has been producing at the El Tordillo oilfield for more than 25 years. Many of its managers and directors took their first steps at the training courses held at the facilities in the area, located in the San Jorge Gulf basin in southern Argentina.
  • Pendare Field

    The company has been pursuing exploration and production activities at the Colombian Pendare Field for over the last ten years, in the Eastern Plains, known as the Llanos Orientales, which today produces 3,500 bbl/d.
  • Aguaragüe, the deepest wells in the country

    Over 5,200 meters in depth, the wells in northwestern Argentina are some of the deepest and most complex in the country.
  • Mision block in the Mexican Burgos basin: the largest nonassociated gas basin in the country

    Output from the field has experienced a significant increase since the outset of Tecpetrol's operations, going from 30 to more than 110 MMcfd
  • Shushufindi and Liberator

    Between them, the two Ecuadorian fields produce 95 Mbbl/d, achieving an incremental production of around 60 Mbbl/d since the contracts for these projects were awarded.

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