+d program

Energy in diversity

Diversity is intrinsic to our DNA and encompasses multiple dimensions of our daily work. One example of this aspect of our culture is that 50% of our directors and managers are from the Young Professionals program. We have long experienced generational diversity, and have always made a special place for family values, something we all share, and the reason why we place special emphasis on the working flexibility so necessary for parents. The central idea is for people’s family lives to be compatible with their career development and vice-versa.

Tecpetrol promotes initiatives designed to foster the growth of all its employees. In addition to flexible workday scheduling policies, including reducing the working day for mothers and special home office options, the company provides maternity coaching to accompany women through pregnancy and childbirth until they return to their jobs. We are also developing other areas of exchange and support, such as the Lean In Circles, and dual-career development, ensuring equal access to career opportunities.

The +d program was born of the conviction that each person brings unique talents and skills to the company, leading to stronger teams.

This is how we started

  • 500

    Respondents in the diagnosis stage

  • +120

    Women participated in workshops to design action plans

  • +15,600

    Hours at 18 workshops on unconscious bias

  • 90

    Hours of coaching to support dual careers

  • 14

    participants in maternity coaching

  • 50

    participants in the Lean in Together Circles

  • Julieta MarianoHead of Plants

    Tecpetrol is putting a lot of energy into +d, which is very important for me. The company supports women in operational areas when they need to solve a problem or find a solution to any inconvenience that we might have, and at the same time, the issue is given visibility. Diversity is part of our culture.

  • Juan José MataDirector of Administration and Finance

    Our vision goes beyond these 12 months of work: over the next five years, our idea is for diversity to become intrinsic to Tecpetrol's culture, thus no longer requiring either a committee, special meetings, interviews, or programs.

  • Julieta VieytesHuman Resources manager

    Today, we have young professional women drawing up diagrams out in the field. There is no doubt that we are on the right track, but we must continue working to ensure equal access to opportunities. It’s no longer about appointing more women in managerial or technical roles, but about making them more visible and putting them through their paces to see who should be promoted according to merit.

  • Esteban GrassiHead of the Golfo San Jorge Continuous Improvement unit.

    There are fundamental differences when you compare the concerns, motivations, expectations and ambitions of different age groups. Encouraging mutual understanding across the generational divide is a huge challenge for us.

Major +d milestones