+d program

Energy in diversity

In the conviction that diversity adds value, we set up the +d program at Tecpetrol.

Tecpetrol respects and encourages the unique features that make each employee different. In fact, these differences enhance the energy driving the work that each one of us performs every day, and feed into a greater force propelling us forward together.

The mutual respect and recognition for the unique attributes that each person contributes to the company make for a stronger team.

Ensuring diversity in Tecpetrol means that we accept, value and promote it. Starting from a common basis of shared beliefs and values, from our history as a company, we recognize the benefits of individuality and the different experiences and visions that enrich us in our quest to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

+Diversity Declaration


Our +d axes

  • Gender

    We promote the leadership of women in our company through initiatives that provide more women with opportunities to develop their careers. To ensure their professional growth, our main focus is to work on overcoming the structural barriers women face in their bid to access positions of greater responsibility.

  • Generation

    We work with different generations, collaborating with and recognizing not only those who represent the majority in our company, but also those who are emerging and gradually inserting themselves into the working world. Our main objective is to foster intergenerational dialogue, recognizing that each group can bring unique perspectives and distinctive skills to the table.


    We encourage a climate of respect for each person’s unique aspects within the LGTBIQ+ community. Promoting respect and acceptance helps to build an organizational and social culture in favor of equality and inclusion, creating a space where everyone’s diversity is valued and celebrated, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Disability

    The inclusion of people with disabilities is a commitment which can be achieved through initiatives in the workplace and through integration, as well as in the communities with which we have been fostering relationships for years. Our intention is to encourage the full and equal participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of society, promoting a culture of respect and acceptance where they can contribute and participate in a meaningful way, where Tecpetrol creates the necessary opportunities for this to happen.

  • National cultures

    Our commitment is to ensure the representation, development and visibility of all the different cultures and nationalities making up our family of employees. This Axis seeks to create an inclusive environment that recognizes and values the richness and variety of cultural differences. It’s not just about including individuals from different countries, but also about creating spaces where each culture can express itself and contribute to the workplace environment in a meaningful way.

In numbers

  • 500

    Respondents in the diagnosis stage

  • +120

    Women participated in workshops to design action plans

  • +15,600

    Hours at 18 workshops on unconscious bias

  • 90

    Hours of coaching to support dual careers

  • 14

    participants in maternity coaching

  • 50

    participants in the Lean in Together Circles

  • Alma RiveraOperations Specialist

    Perhaps it's still not as common to see women in operating areas or night shifts, but I've seen a big change over the last few years, both at Tecpetrol and at our contractors. We've come a long way, naturally incorporating cultural and generational diversity, including respect for other people's abilities, etc.

  • Juan José MataVice President Administration & Finance

    Our vision goes beyond these 12 months of work: over the next five years, our idea is for diversity to become intrinsic to Tecpetrol's culture, thus no longer requiring either a committee, special meetings, interviews, or programs.

  • Esteban GrassiPAD Sr. Manager

    There are fundamental differences when you compare the concerns, motivations, expectations and ambitions of different age groups. Encouraging mutual understanding across the generational divide is a huge challenge for us.

Major +d milestones