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Welcome to our press room. Here you can find the latest news from Tecpetrol, key facts & figures, and a media kit including our branding and style manual, as well as information about our top projects.


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  • El TordilloField school

  • SafetyFront and center of our activity

  • El TordilloField school

  • Field visitsFind out more about the field

  • Tecpetrol University Find out more about geology

  • Fortín de PiedraUnconventional developments

  • Pesquería Power Plant Energy for Mexico

Sustainability Report 2022

Managing sustainable development

As leaders in our industry, we acknowledge our duty to support the shift towards cleaner energy and to identify, assess, and address the environmental and social effects of our operations. Sustainable development is a core element of our long-term vision for success. In this report, we review our actions and their effects, and reaffirm our commitment to being transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.

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A stronger team

The energy of diversity

Our +diversity program aims to empower women to fulfill their talent and potential, and reaffirms our commitment to equal opportunities. Today, 42% of Tecpetrol's young professionals are women. Our objective is to develop this seedbed so that they can grow and add value from leadership roles.

The program embraces broader issues, as it tackles diversity from all angles capable of adding value to the business. It seeks to raise awareness about biases that limit the growth and contribution of certain groups of people within the organization, and to create tools to help everyone to develop as fully as possible in each area of their lives.

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Leading projects

  • Fortín de Piedra: Unconventional operations

    Fortín de Piedra was once nothing but flat steppes. Today, this oil and gas field is held up as an example of efficiency worldwide thanks to its speedy development.
  • Pesquería Power Plant: power generation

    With an investment of one billion dollars, Tecpetrol spearheaded a project to construct a power plant in Monterrey, Mexico. A strategic initiative showcasing synergy within the Group.
  • El Tordillo: our school site

    Tecpetrol has been producing at the El Tordillo oilfield for more than 25 years. Many of its managers and directors took their first steps at the training courses held at the facilities in the area, located in the San Jorge Gulf basin in southern Argentina.
  • Aguaragüe, the deepest wells in the country

    Over 5,200 meters in-depth, the wells in northwestern Argentina are some of the deepest and most complex in the country.
  • Misión block in the Mexican Burgos basin: the largest non-associated gas basin in the country

    Output from the field has experienced a significant increase since the outset of Tecpetrol's operations, going from 30 to more than 110 MMcfd in June 2009.
  • Shushufindi and Liberator

    Between them, the two Ecuadorian fields produce 95 Mbbl/d, achieving an incremental production of around 60 Mbbl/d since the contracts for these projects were awarded.
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