Experience at Fortín de Piedra

Energy connects us

Fortín de Piedra
  • 4,200

    employees and contractors throughout Latin America

  • 186,500

    barrels of oil equivalent per day

  • 16%

    of Argentina's gas output

  • 200,000

    acres at Vaca Muerta

Presence in Latin America

Where there’s a challenge, Tecpetrol is there

We explore, discover, produce, transport and distribute energy. We improve people's quality of life and drive development in Latin American countries.



Projecting into the future

  • With the environment

    Energy comes from our subsoil deep in the earth, from the sediments deposited over millions of years in different geological eras. It’s an intrinsic part of who we are, underpinning cultures and civilizations throughout history. Conscious of our heritage, we carefully study and plan all our activities, analyzing the best way to produce energy and protect it at the same time.

    With health and safety

    Our people are front and center of our activity. It’s their spirit and energy that make things happen, as they overcome challenges and drive the company forwards into the future. This is why health and safety best practices are a way of life; they’re part of the way we work and live, and far more than just a routine, they’re about commitment and culture.

    With our neighbors

    At Tecpetrol we know that we cannot grow and develop in isolation. We grow as part of a community. That’s why we work as a team with our neighbors, tackling major issues such as education, culture and health together.


Our projects

Fortín de Piedra makes history


Energy, our reason for being

Tecpetrol's reason for being is all about energy. We are one of the first links in a value chain that improves people’s quality of life, powering growth and development at national level.


We are committed to transparency

We believe in and promote a corporate culture based on integrity and transparency. We also actively encourage all employees, suppliers and members of the communities where we operate to join us in complying with the highest ethical standards.

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Add your energy

Our energy is what powers Tecpetrol. It’s the vitality, enthusiasm and drive with which each person carries out their work every day. It’s the dynamic attitude, combined with intelligence and seriousness, which has always been present in the way we tackle challenges and pursue opportunities.

Our leadership has allowed us to pioneer complex energy projects which make a significant contribution to growth and development in those countries where we are present. This is why we’re passionate about bringing our energy into play.