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Fortín de Piedra

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  • The field is an international success story

    Tecpetrol has a concession for a 180 thousand-acre block in Argentina’s shale oil and gas reservoirs, making it one of the top 10 companies operating in the country.

    Fortín de Piedra is a 243-km2 area in Vaca Muerta, lying in the Neuquén sedimentary basin.

    In 2017, Tecpetrol began work on the massive development of the field, investing some USD 2.3 billion in building facilities, plants and pipelines, as well as in drilling horizontal wells and applying well stimulation techniques such as hydraulic fracturing.

    In just 18 months, the field reached a production of 17.5 million m3/day of gas, representing some 13% of Argentina's total gas output.

    Today, the Fortín de Piedra development produces 21 million m3/day and is considered an example for the industry worldwide. The project has brought about a significant increase in efficiency standards across the board: depth, pressure, fluid, the length of horizontal branches, optimal spacing between wells and between fractures, etc.

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Fortín de Piedra

Fortín de Piedra

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  • Central Processing PlantCPF

  • Multipad scheme 4 well slots per location

  • Fortín de Piedra Area 24/7 operation

  • Hydraulic fracturing Well stimulation equipment

  • Rig skiddingSystem transfer

  • Operational practices Safety

  • Hydraulic fracturing well stimulation Water intake

  • Early Production Facility EPF

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