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Being sustainable

The energy we produce grows together with the community and remains sustainable over time. We are convinced that the right solutions are those that last. We work alongside our communities to develop the tools enabling us to satisfy the needs identified as priorities by its members.

As training and knowledge are our principal development drivers, we focus our best efforts on supporting technical education.

In education, health, art and culture, we implement projects designed with low-income rural and urban sectors as well as indigenous communities to help them grow and develop.

Our idea is to encourage and empower the members of these communities to identify their needs and propose projects to fulfill these. Tecpetrol offers communities and individuals the tools they need to achieve their objectives.

Knowledge underpins development


  • Technical Gene

    We are driving the development of 4.0 Industry Skills in technical secondary schools, providing equipment, training and industrial practices.

    This is how we can contribute to strengthening technical education in secondary education, reducing the gap between industrial requirements and the level of technical knowledge acquired by students.

  • AfterSchool

    This is a non-formal educational program offering STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and Art subjects that seeks to build solid foundations for learning and educational continuity at elementary school level.

    The idea is to foster social-emotional skills and STEM competencies in children from six to twelve years old living in nine communities in seven countries where we operate.

  • Merit Awards

    We reward academic excellence and effort by providing high school students with financial support.

    In 2020:

    • 1022 scholarships awarded in Argentina.
    • 156 scholarships in Tartagal, Gral. Mosconi, Aguaray and Salvador Mazza.
    • 71 scholarships in Comodoro Rivadavia and Rada Tilly.
    • 64 scholarships in Neuquén and Río Negro.
  • Roberto Rocca Educational Program

    The Roberto Rocca Educational Program awards scholarships to university students and graduates in engineering and applied science subjects in different countries.


Developing culture in our communities

Art & Culture

  • Film festivals

    We encourage a greater appreciation of our communities’ culture, diversity and identity through Latin cinema, with the aim of sharing a fresh and youthful take on different themes.

    Photo library

    The history of our communities comes to life through photography exhibitions. The idea is to encourage people to revalue the local identity of their communities by collecting, digitizing and cataloguing the photographs making up their history and heritage.

    Fundación PROA

    Tecpetrol supports the Fundación PROA, taking its contemporary art and culture programs on tour to visit the communities neighboring the oil and gas fields where it operates.


Sustainability report 2020

A three-pronged approach

Tecpetrol is launching its 2020 Sustainability Report, showcasing its performance in economic and social matters. Last year was dominated by the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, where we focused on new ways of working and relating to each other, as well as on caring for the health of our employees and neighboring communities. Nonetheless, Tecpetrol chalked up major milestones, such as completing the Central Processing Plant at Fortin de Piedra and setting up the new Energy Transition Unit in its move towards a more sustainable future. 
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  • Together with the communities

    Right from the outset of the pandemic, we began work on a support scheme designed with the local health authorities, taking into account the full range of their health needs. We contributed our efforts to the common fight against the disease, to strengthen health systems and support medical personnel in their daily work. We provided biosafety kits and made ourselves available so that we could together be stronger to tackle the situation caused by COVID-19.


    Comodoro Rivadavia and Rada Tilly: 46,700 biosafety items and 2 ventilators were delivered to the Regional Hospital, the Military Hospital, the Pueyrredón Clinic and the Primary Health Care Centers.

    Salta: 10,750 biosafety items and 1 ventilator were delivered to the municipal hospitals in the towns of Juan Domingo Perón de Tartagal, Dr. Luis Adolfo Güemes de Aguaray, Salvador Mazza and General Mosconi.

    Neuquén: 5 ventilators, 2,050 filters and circuits for ventilators, 8 intensive care beds, 8 multiparameter monitors, 25 infusion pumps, 1 laminar flow hood and 61,300 biosafety items were distributed.


    2 ventilators and 34,300 biosafety items were delivered to the IMSS 270 Regional General Hospital, the 25th Motorized Cavalry Regiment of the Secretariat of National Defense and the Integral Medical Unit of the Tamaulipas State Government in Miguel Alemán.

  • Colombia

    The donations included 2 ventilators and 9,470 biosafety items delivered to the Villavicencio Departmental Hospital and the Puerto Gaitán Health Care Center.


    We delivered 5,950 biosafety items to the Pacayacu Health Center, Dureno Health Center and the Marco Vinicio Iza Hospital.

    Sharing knowledge and experience

    The Humanitas Research Center network in Italy is part of the Techint Group and has been actively sharing not only the knowledge accumulated in that country, but also a significant amount of data collected through their constant interaction with other major research centers in different countries.

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  • Fernando MarínCommunity relations in Mexico

    The opportunity we’ve had to participate in strengthening our communities’ health systems has been a highly complex yet enriching challenge, a strong motivational factor to continue strengthening the bond with our neighbors.


Volunteers in action

Our employees are regularly involved in volunteer activities, which is fundamental for forging long-term ties with the communities where we live and work. The initiatives we've carried out together with members from the community include projects such as improving infrastructure, revamping furnishings and upgrading paintwork at schools and other public spaces. We also support the Reading Marathon organized annually by the Fundación Leer.

A program that has left its mark on Comodoro Rivadavia


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