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Who we are

Energy to power the development of nations

We are a leading energy company in the region committed to the development of Latin American countries, with a philosophy of building long-term relationships with our neighboring communities. In numbers:

  • 4,200 employees and contractors throughout Latin America
  • 186,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day
  • 15% of Argentina's gas output
  • 200,000 acres at Vaca Muerta
  • +20 operated areas 
  • +800 wells in production

Monthly Crude Oil production and trading

  • 380,000

    Medanito own production (bbl)

  • 115,000

    Escalante own production (bbl)

  • 190,000

    Medanito own exported volume (bbl)

  • 68,000

    Escalante own exported volume (bbl)

  • 300,000

    Medanito marketed volume (bbl)

  • 300,000

    Escalante marketed volume (bbl)


Our crude oil production

  • Medanito


    • API: 41.5
    • Sulfur:0.2% 
    • Export terminal: EBYTEM – Puerto Rosales. Max DWT: 106,000
    • Standard export module: 500,000 barrels.
    • Usual destinations: Brazil, Chile, Peru, US east & west coast

    Assay available in the Oil Trading Kit

    Port regulations
  • Escalante


    • API: 23.5
    • Sulfur:0.17%
    • Export terminal: Termap – Caleta Córdova. Max DWT: 160,000
    • Standard export module: 500,000 barrels.
    • Usual destinations: Fujairah, Hawai, US west coast

    Assay available in the Oil Trading Kit

    Port regulations
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Infrastructure in Argentina

  • 01

    Caleta Córdova

    Escalante Volumes are exported from the Caleta Cordova terminal located in Comodoro Rivadavia. Here, the ships that mostly are exported by Tecpetrol and Co-Sellers are Panamax (500,000 bbls), but larger ships could also be loaded (SuezMax).

  • 02

    Ebytem Puerto Rosales

    Medanito Volumes are exported from the EBYTEM terminal located in Puerto Rosales, Bahía Blanca. The vessels that are usualy exported  are Panamax (500,000 bbls), being the maximum DWT for ships that can operate about 106,000 Tons.

    The difficulty vessels face is that there is a draft restriction of 45 feet, so some ships may not be able to leave with a full load.

  • 03

    Ebytem Puerto Rosales - Expansion

    From 2024, Suez would be able to operate, due to work being done to dredge the canal and a new dock being buit. 

Sustainability report 2020

A three-pronged approach

Tecpetrol is launching its 2020 Sustainability Report, showcasing its performance in economic and social matters. Last year was dominated by the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, where we focused on new ways of working and relating to each other, as well as on caring for the health of our employees and neighboring communities. Nonetheless, Tecpetrol chalked up major milestones, such as completing the Central Processing Plant at Fortin de Piedra and setting up the new Energy Transition Unit in its move towards a more sustainable future. 
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