From the classroom to safer work 

Almost one hundred students from a secondary school near the Libertador operation in Ecuador participated in an Industrial Safety course. As part of the Gen Técnico program, they previously received tools to make it practical.

They were two days full of expectations. The 98 students of the Automotive Electromechanics specialty at the Pacayacu Educational Unit, the secondary school of a town of 10 thousand inhabitants in the Ecuadorian Amazon, had a special class. It was at the end of November when they attended the Industrial Safety training course with emphasis on Personal Protective Equipment.   

The students, from the first to third year of high school at the school, along with seven teachers, listened carefully to the practical theoretical workshop that taught them the skills to manipulate tools safely. 

High school students participated in an industrial safety course, with a focus on personal protection. -

"This is an activity within CORE's corporate program, Gen Técnico, which has among its objectives to accompany the educational community in technical training for study and work," Darwin Vega, Community Relations Specialist, explained in dialogue with Tecpetrol Hoy. 

"It is important that the kids know how they have to protect themselves and what tools they have to do so," added Darwin, who highlighted that the workshop was taught by the company's specialized SAS personnel: Luis Galarza, HSE Lead Supervisor, who also has a national trainer's license. 

“The students enjoyed the course because it had an important practical component, while the teachers were happy, and now they have something else they can transmit,” added Darwin. Teachers and students attended a specialized 45-minute virtual course at the Roberto Rocca Educational Campus, and received their diploma. Having someone from the industry teach what happens on a day-to-day basis is vital for the kids, who in their last year go out into the world of work. 

The course, which is part of the CORE Gen Técnico corporate program, was theoretical and practical. -

"Among the students of this specialty there were 12 girls, and one of them said that she wanted to get out of the typical careers and get into electromechanics, while another commented that she loves cars, that as a child she watched her father fix cars. and decided to sign up," Darwin said. "It is encouraging that women have been involved since school in a career considered for men," she added.

This course is included within the Gen Técnico Program that includes equipping the workshops, adapting the infrastructure and training teachers and students. At the Pacayacu Educational Unit, Gen Técnico began with the Roberto Rocca Scholarships, which have already delivered the first edition and are in the second, which grant financial aid to students for their performance and commitment. Support for educational merit.

In the group of 98 students there were 12 women, who showed their interest in the course contents. -

As part of this comprehensive initiative, during 2023 the workshop was readapted for the courses, it was equipped with grinders that were used on this occasion for the practical class, and the next step will be the incorporation of a series of welders, machines that will be the point of departure of a new training course.

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