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Representatives from Tenaris, Ternium, Tecpetrol, and Techint E&C visited Vestas facilities in Denmark to gain a detailed understanding of the manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of wind turbines, as well as to share knowledge and experiences.

As part of the construction and assembly of the wind farms developed by Tenaris and Ternium in collaboration with Vestas, the Techint Group organized a technical visit that allowed the teams from both companies, along with Tecpetrol and Techint E&C, to delve into the heart of their operations in Denmark.

"At Techint E&C, we participated in the basic engineering of the Buena Ventura Wind Farm project and were invited to tour Vestas with teams from other companies within the Group. Over four days, we visited different cities in Denmark, where we could see and understand the entire operation of the company. The experience was truly educational. delving into the details of manufacturing and operation was very interesting. Personally, I gained valuable know-how," emphasized José Olmo Ruiz, Senior Civil Design Engineer at Techint E&C.

Vestas' main goal is to develop, produce, commercialize and maintain wind energy technologies.-

Vestas, a leader in the wind energy industry, plays a crucial role in the Buena Ventura and Olavarría wind farms by manufacturing, operating, and maintaining the wind turbines that will bring these projects to life.

"As a representative of the Energy Transition Department (DITE) of Tecpetrol, I had the opportunity to visit numerous facilities of the wind turbine manufacturer. Positively, together with other colleagues from the department, we were able to familiarize ourselves with the manufacturing, research and development, life extension, and certification processes of wind turbines, such as those supplied in the Olavarría wind farm (Ternium) and the Buena Ventura Wind Farm (Tenaris)," analyzed Alfredo Morelli, Wind Power Project Manager at Tecpetrol.

Wind as an ally

During the tour, participants were able to explore Vestas' manufacturing, development, testing, and repair facilities in Denmark.

The places visited covered a wide range of Vestas' operations, including:

> Vestas' Test Center and Headquarters in Aarhus: Visitors were welcomed by Carsten Bruun Andersen, Specialist in Turbine Development and Integration, and explored key aspects of turbine operation.

> Nacelle & Assembly Plant in Ringkøbing: Kurt Noesgaard, Customer Relations Advisor, presented the nacelle assembly factory, where turbine components are produced, in addition to providing support for new developments.

> Blade Manufacturing Plant in Ringkøbing: The blade production facilities were explored.

> Vestas' Testing Facilities in Videbæk: Erik Viborg, Project Manager, showed the teams the facilities that perform wind turbine repairs and upgrades.

> Test Center in Østerild: Visitors got to know the Østerild Test Center, where tests of V236 and EnVentus turbines are conducted.

"It has been an enriching experience. We learned about the equipment manufacturing and testing process and shared our experiences and concerns. Having the opportunity to get up close with the equipment and components gives us a comprehensive idea of the complexity of their subsequent operation and maintenance. We have observed a high degree of expertise in wind turbine development and construction. We had an ambitious agenda that was carried out without any issues, meeting our expectations," said Miguel Ghiglione, Maintenance Services Director at Ternium.

Participants visited the production, development, repair and testing facilities of the company.-

Full sail ahead: Future perspectives

This technical visit provided a deep understanding of wind turbine equipment manufacturing and testing processes and offered the opportunity to share experiences and concerns with other key players in the industry.

Within the report prepared by the teams, some of the highlights of the tour included:

> High Degree of Expertise: Vestas demonstrated a high level of expertise in wind turbine development and construction.

> Commitment to Safety: Safety was a central theme at each plant visited, and the commitment of the staff in this regard was highlighted.

> Quality and Control: Quality in components and assembly processes, along with rigorous online quality control, was emphasized.

> Quality Certifications: Vestas holds certifications under ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001, supporting its focus on quality and sustainability.

"The experience was excellent. We had the opportunity to visit a world-class company highly committed to safety and the environment, with a staff of high technical expertise. I highlight the high level of R&D, reflected in the tour of the Test Center, where all prototypes are tested before hitting the market. Another very interesting aspect was the virtual tour of all the equipment in the wind turbine nacelle, as well as the advanced training center they have," emphasized Carlos Tammaro, Plant Services & Power Generation Senior Manager at Tenaris.

The visit to Vestas reflects the Techint Group's commitment to safety and excellence in wind energy. Such events demonstrate an interest in innovation, quality, and safety, in pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable future. The development of ambitious renewable energy projects, such as the Olavarría and Buena Ventura wind farms, also reflects the synergy and collaboration among the companies within the Group.

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