Joy and laughter for the youngest ones

On the feast of the Epiphany—Three Kings’ Day—employees at the Pesquería Power Plant organized a special day with gifts, a show and lunch at a primary school in a nearby community. 

In many countries around the world, children wait anxiously for the Three Kings to visit them on the night of January 6 and leave a gift. In Mexican homes, it’s a tradition for adults to get together to share the Rosca de Reyes, a special cake decorated with strawberries and baked with a tiny doll that represents the Baby Jesus hidden inside. Whoever is lucky enough to get the little doll in their piece has to donate tamales—tasty steamed corn dough rolls with various fillings—on Candlemas Day, February 2, also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ in the Christian calendar.

At the Pesquería Power Plant (CEP), volunteering is also a tradition where the company gives back to the community. For the last Three Kings’ Days, a group of volunteers has been organizing a special party day at a school near the plant, in Nuevo León. So it was that in early January this year, some fifteen employees came in person to deliver toys to 67 children from the Guillermo Prieto Elementary School, in the Francisco Villa Community, and shared a special show and lunch with the children, accompanied by their teachers and parents.

Joy and surprises for all.Techgen volunteers simply couldn’t hide their satisfaction at seeing how the children were enjoying themselves.

"We asked people at the Pesquería Power Plant to sponsor a child by buying a toy for Three Kings’ Day, and everybody wanted to be involved!" recalled Adriana Gasperin, HRBP Analyst at CEP, to Tecpetrol Hoy. "Although some of our folks weren’t able to attend, it was such a fun party: many of the kids had never had the chance to try the McDonald's Happy Meals that we brought to share." Teachers at the school had drawn up a list of the children and their ages, so that employees could choose what kind of gift to donate, while the volunteer team had the task of coordinating the presents and the event.

"The loveliest thing was seeing the children enjoying themselves with such joy during the event; they and their parents invited us to taste some gorditas stews, which are salty tortillas with corn dough, as well as local sweets and pastries," said Gasperin, who was on the Human Resources team coordinating the action. "At one point during the event, we noticed that some of the children had disappeared, and then they came back with a bunch of little letters illustrated with drawings, saying that they were delighted with our visit, and hoped we would be back soon."

Following this action, the relationship with the school will continue, focusing on maintenance and repair tasks at the building, as well as painting and cleaning, with the team volunteering according to the program agreed at the plant.

“Being a volunteer means you work in a team, and you live experiences which involve learning from other people. Basically, you’re doing your part to help make things better for the most vulnerable areas. Also, we’re building partnerships with the community which will foster a positive image of the power plant among the locals,” concluded Adriana Gasperin.

Accompanied by music and songThe Three Wise Men made their appearance during the delivery of the gifts donated by CEP employees.

Participants of the festive day shared their impressions:

Mario Ontiveros, Plant Operations Sr. Manager

“The event and the organization seemed well planned to me. This type of practice encourages and fosters better integration and trust with the surrounding communities, as well as continuing to create a good image for Techgen.” 

Jaime Garate, YP Pool

“It was a very rewarding and joyful experience. The children’s energy and excitement reminded me of when I was their age. The best thing was being able to see their faces light up with joy and receive their spontaneous hugs. I will cherish one of the letters they gave me.”

Dante Canizales, Operations Coordinator

“The simple fact of being able to provide support and contribute, to be able to reach some children who perhaps don’t have access to the same possibilities of enjoyment on Three Kings’ Day was really good. I don't have any children yet, but I do have two little nieces, and I know very well how happy they are when they get a present they didn't expect!”

Angela Hernandez, HSE Sr. Supervisor

“The experience is an energy boost, thanks to the love and joy of these children, who are the future. It was extremely important to regain that connection with the community, as it had been put on hold by the pandemic. Sharing such a special moment makes you remember your inner child.”

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