Increasingly technical and diverse, including Leader Talks: welcome to the new TUIC!

The ninth edition of the Tecpetrol induction program is back to being in-person—and this time there are lots of changes!

The Tecpetrol University Induction Camp (TUIC) resumed this 2022 with a renewed program designed to foster greater engagement with the company, thanks to keynote talks given by leaders and a focus on industry concepts. 

As the program was put on hold during the pandemic, many of the young professionals who participated in this edition had more experience than on previous occasions.

"This group was special because of the level of maturity of the participants. None of them were new to the company, and there was greater interaction between them at a technical level. Their contributions were very relevant in terms of the improvements made to the program," said Sebastián Cabezas, Tecpetrol University Team Leader.

Meeting with the CEO.The Leader Talks were incorporated into the TUIC 2022, to discuss the performance of Tecpetrol's benchmarking practices.

This TUIC involved 23 participants, 12 women and 11 men, with an average age of 26 years. "There was a high level of commitment to learning, and at the same time, the participants were open to interacting and helping each other—but we had to have an impact on them," explained Joaquín Naveiro, Training & Development Analyst, regarding the challenges for a team that he characterizes as very diverse in ages and origins. The Young Professionals came from Colombia and Ecuador as well as Argentina, from the company’s facilities in Neuquén, Comodoro Rivadavia and Buenos Aires.

TUIC is as much about acquiring basic industry knowledge as it is about providing a warm atmosphere where the emphasis is on the integration of new professionals and networking, although it’s important to retain a global vision of each country where Tecpetrol operates.

"This was an incredibly enriching experience, where we met people from different places in Argentina and from other countries. I think what Tecpetrol is doing to cement success for its new intake is fantastic," said Francisco Doldan, Financial Structure & Funding Analyst, who attended the TUIC 2022.

Changes that are here to stay

"The virtual scenario gave us the opportunity to develop a hybrid chapter, where the focus was on our Leader Talks, informal exchanges with the number one at each operation, or the heads of specific projects," explained Cabezas. The first week of the program is dedicated to these intergenerational meetings, where the company’s leaders take a deep dive into the specific features of the operation they run, and discuss the challenges they faced during their career development, tracing a personal journey that sparks a great deal of interest among the participants.

Teamwork.In the final stage, the participants analyzed data from two fields using a simulator.

"The opportunity for direct contact with the directors of the different business units, to find out how they built their career within the company, offers us a vision of the breadth of opportunities that Tecpetrol can give us as Young Professionals," said Lilen Cambareri, Maintenance Planning Engineer in Comodoro Rivadavia.

The second week is about teaching the technical modules, and participants are fully immersed in the energy industrial culture with subjects such as Hydrocarbons Exploration, Reservoirs, Drilling, Unconventional Production and Exploitation, and the Energy Transition.

With this fresh knowledge under their belts, the contingent moved to El Tordillo, in Comodoro Rivadavia, where they put into practice the technical knowledge acquired.

Week four was back to the Convention Center In Buenos Aires, where it was time for simulators, using software programs with updated data from two of Tecpetrol's flagship fields. Split into teams, the Young Professionals had to analyze and take decisions affecting production and results. The challenge centered on two models: one for TUICDILLO (an example of a conventional project) while the other was called FORTUIC (an unconventional project example).

To close the experience, the participants were invited to present their results before a committee of referents (positive or negative) and discuss the strategy used to achieve these. “It’s a really high-stress moment for all the TUIC,” said Cabezas. "On average, they did quite well, it's a very enriching experience: seeing their ability to identify mistakes and successes," he added.

The referents asked the participants questions and then it was their turn to talk about who they were and what they sought for their careers. Finally, there was a lunch hosted at Los Cardales, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where they reviewed the final sensations left by the program.

In addition to networking and providing a general overview of Tecpetrol, the TUIC program provides concrete measurable results. "We evaluated their technical knowledge before and after the course, and were able to observe considerable improvements after these 160 hours of training," Cabezas said.

As Francisco Scholz, from Tecpetrol University and one of the coordinators, summarizes in the video: “23 people entered the program, and a team of young professionals left it.”

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