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Another TUIC has come to a close, and a new group of Young Professionals has ended one of their most important times at Tecpetrol. They share their experiences with us in this group story.

May 2023: another edition of the Tecpetrol University Induction Camp, also known as TUIC, the foundational program for the key Young Professionals sector, has just come to an end. This year, there were nineteen participants: sixteen Argentines from Neuquén, Comodoro Rivadavia and Buenos Aires, and three from Mexico.

Joaquín Naveiro, Training and Development Analyst and training coordinator summarizes the overall purpose of this intensive training course: "Each TUICer arrived with knowledge about their area and left with an in-depth understanding of the industry and what Tecpetrol does in each of its sectors and operations." The objective is just that: to give these future leaders a more global vision to further their development, in addition to building relationships with other Young Professionals and learning from some of the company’s most experienced leaders.

All together.The TUICers and Ricardo Markous enjoying a moment to relax.

TUIC is a critically important program for Tecpetrol. Proof of this is the presence, year after year, of some of the company’s top leaders, such as CEO Ricardo Markous and directors from different areas who share their life experiences, advice and recommendations. We can only imagine what today's TUICers will say to their successors in the future. For example, Facundo Iorfida, a YP from the Supply Chain Pool in Buenos Aires said that, “This was truly unforgettable. We had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of Oil & Gas and get to know the company in depth,” while Giuliana Bello, Accounting Analyst in Neuquén shared that this was, "Such an enriching experience, and one that enabled me to delve into all the details of the industrial processes performed by Tecpetrol."

Divided into four weeks, the first fortnight focused on modules given by internal and external experts who talked about the technical aspects of energy, such as how a reservoir is formed, the business stages involved, and much more. The third week was the Field School, hosted at another of the flagship operations that are an emblem of Tecpetrol’s legacy: El Tordillo, in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. "Something I’ll never forget was the visit to the facilities of this historic site and the processes they carry out in the field," recalls Facundo. Jaime Lorenzo Garate Santana, from the YP Pool in Pesquería, Mexico, adds that, "We learned so much about Tecpetrol's vision, its objectives and strategies, the importance of a diverse and intercultural workplace, and we met the leaders behind the company’s decision-making."

The third week was spent in the field.-

In the fourth week, the TUICers worked with simulators to put what they had learned into practice. Stefanía Visser, from the YP Pool in El Tordillo reflects that, “I’m finishing the course feeling very satisfied because I’m taking back with me so many experiences and different ways of dealing with problems. I look forward to working together in the future." Natalia Gálvez, Control Room Supervisor in Neuquén, agrees, as, "I think that's what it's really about, sharing what we know and learning from those who know the most, and moving forward together on this path of growth."

The TUIC ended with presentations from the participants given to the HR leaders and Ricardo Markous. But this time, things were different: “They asked us to do our presentations in teams, but all us TUICers agreed to do it together to emphasize the idea that we are all part of the same team and that we all share the same objective,” summarizes Daniela Vargas, Communications Analyst. Lunch and the final activity wound up this unique experience, which establishes a close network of relationships that go far beyond the knowledge learned.

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