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Math Journey, one of the initiatives included in Technical Gene, has just been launched at an event hosted at the Neuquén corporate offices. Here’s the story in full.

Do you know about Technical Gene, the Techint Group program that supports technical education through teacher training, professional internships for students, as well as donations to finance equipment and improvements in schools in Neuquén, Comodoro Rivadavia, and Salta in Argentina, as well as locations in Colombia? The Math Journey program is available on the Educational Campus, where it provides teachers at technical schools with a full range of teaching tools.

The Techint Group’s Community Relations team, CORE, organized the in-person launch of Math Journey at the Group’s corporate offices in Neuquén: eighteen teachers from the schools neighboring the Argentine operations were invited to the event, coordinated by Daniela Reyes Gasperini, Director of Teacher Empowerment at the CORE Corporate department of the Techint Group, and head of the program.

The Math JourneyAn in-person event at the Neuquén offices.

“One of the annual tests we hold on the platform showed us that at the schools taking part in Technical Gene, there were opportunities for improvement in the area of math. The curriculum is complete and well taught, the teachers are excellent, but this initiative provides an innovative and out-of-the-box way of incorporating new practices,” explains Pablo Martellotta, CORE Corporate Manager.

Luis Baum, who is the CORE Lead Supervisor at El Tordillo in Chubut, expands: “It’s not about training teachers about their subject but presenting an entirely new format to help them reach more students in a very didactic way. Although everything can be found on the Virtual Campus, it was really important to get together. The teachers were able to dispel all their doubts and have their questions answered, and they’re already implementing the program."

“This program incorporates innovative teaching tools to help students understand that math is integral to many of the daily decisions we make in our lives, so they can see things from that point of view,” explains Laura Mastromauro, CORE Supervisor in the Neuquén Basin. "For example, it’s really useful when you go to the supermarket to do some shopping, when you calculate how much you’re going to pay for a parking space, or want to know how many days you have left until your favorite movie premieres."

The great thing about the initiative is that it’s extremely practical. Laura adds that “This goes directly to application during classwork. We don’t limit ourselves to the theory part, as classroom reality is far from just being conceptual. For example, we also invited students to this event, which was all about incorporating knowledge for three days. And the teachers themselves were able to learn while teaching!”

Certified knowledge for teachers.-

For Luis, there was no doubt at all that “the workshop was amazing. The teachers we invited were truly committed, extremely involved and well trained. It was a challenge to keep up with them!” Luciana Fernández, CORE Analyst in Aguaragüe, Salta, the most recent member of Tecpetrol's CORE team in Argentina, shares her sensations. “On a personal level, it was a great opportunity to experience first-hand the extent of the Techint Group’s commitment to quality education, which is awesome. The organization of the Neuquén team was also incredible, they made us feel really welcome and comfortable all the way through.”

For Mónica Meschler, a teacher at the San José Obrero and Deán Funes schools in Comodoro Rivadavia, it was an extremely productive session: "We were able to exchange experiences with colleagues about best practices and the contents that students are working with. We discussed the issues that favor education, methods of approaching topics, and our impressions about specific situations that often prompt difficulties in teaching." Alejandra Tejerina, from Aguaray, in the interior of Salta, highlighted that, “It was a very enriching experience, as it’s difficult to access training where I live. I commend the group for the excellent organization of the event.”

And to summarize, Pablo closes with: “The Roberto Rocca Educational Campus is full of tools, techniques and material for both teachers and students. Math is only the first step, as we want to open up the universe of the campus, looking to electronics, mechanics and many more subjects. It’s an extremely powerful tool that many teachers are already taking advantage of.”

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