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It’s that time of year! the call for the Roberto Rocca Scholarships for secondary school students in Argentina is open, in recognition of students’ academic excellence and merit.

The Roberto Rocca Scholarships program is one of the longest-standing community initiatives in the Techint Group and the program with the greatest presence worldwide. Its main objective is to reward academic excellence and commitment to study, recognizing students with outstanding academic results from secondary schools, contributing to equal opportunities and progress in communities.

The call is now open for applications from March 20 to April 19, and students can apply for one of the 1,080 secondary school scholarships on offer, whether they are children of Techint Group personnel or students from the communities where the Group is present in Argentina. These include: Aguaragüe, Añelo, Campana, Catriel, Comodoro Rivadavia, Ensenada, Gral. Pacheco, Rada Tilly, Ramallo, San Nicolás, Senillosa, Villa Constitución y Zárate.

The Program is currently being implemented in 36 communities in 17 countries (Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Guatemala, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Romania, Uruguay and Argentina), and receives support from the Fundación Hermanos Agustín y Enrique Rocca and sponsorship from Tenaris, Ternium, Techint Engineering & Construction and Tecpetrol.

Since the program was launched, the Group has awarded over 15,000 high-school distinctions in Argentina alone. In 2022, 1,073 students from 149 schools received awards. The criteria used to select the final candidates include their academic achievements as well as factoring in diversity and inclusion, both in terms of gender (48% women and 52% men) and background (60% from Technical Schools and 40% from Non-Technical Schools). Furthermore, in 2022, the award ceremonies resumed their pre-pandemic face-to-face format, enabling students to step up and receive their diplomas and medals in all communities in person.

The program awards a total of 3,658 scholarships worldwide, including university and doctoral grants.

Requirements to apply:

> Students from 2nd to 7th year of secondary education.

> Average grade score for Technical/Agricultural schools: 9 points.

> Average grade score for Non-Technical schools: 9.50 points.

> Total gross income cap for the family group.

> Attend a math and logic assessment.

> Do not record violations of the Institutional Coexistence Agreements.

> Have no more than 15 unexcused absences.

*For more information on the requirements and conditions for application to the Roberto Rocca Secondary Scholarship Program:

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