In the eyes of our people

We celebrated World Photography Day with a collection of images taken by our people around the world

August 19 is World Photography Day, a great excuse to launch a photography exhibition for all our employees. With a deadline of August 16, the invitation to participate amply exceeded our expectations, with nearly forty entries, a stunning selection of pictures from operations and offices.

From the sunsets in Pendare, Colombia, to a traveling bottle in Chos Malal, north of Neuquén, and a winter’s morning in the office in Buenos Aires, the photos taken by our employees say a great deal about us. And that makes us very proud!

Come and check out the photo gallery here.

Raúl Mario Sanchez.Service Desk Team of the Neuquén and Vaca Muerta Basin Region: taking a breather in the Neuquén Corporate Building.

Yañez Yessenia.The Cayambe volcano from the air: the flight from Quito to El Coca. The Cotopaxi volcano can also be seen in the background.

Walter Calzada. The GEFI team in their new offices on the 20th floor, Buenos Aires.

Víctor Scavuzzo.Faithful coworker.

Ramiro Arancibia. Buena Ventura Wind Farm, province of Buenos Aires.

Priscila Bilbao.Through the window.

Nathaly Ortega. Field visit.

Martina Geandet.7:06 p.m. in Retiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Martín Bengochea.Our children discover Fortín de Piedra for themselves.

Karina Jerez.The traveling bottle in Chos Malal.

José Manuel Gallardo.Routes. A winter’s day at the El Tordillo site.

José Gerardo Frías. A magpie pays a visit to the Lomitas Plant, Salta, Argentina.

Joaquín Cañete.Snowfall at the exploratory wells PAD CLN.x-2001.

Javier Paz Pino.A wildcat known as "Coquita".

Iván Darío Barrientos. A freezing morning in Neuquén.

Daniel Perfumo. A chilly morning.

Carlos González Moreno. A winter sunrise at head office.

Edgardo Ibáñez.After the rain, the gift of green.

Angie Manrique.Pendare at sunset.

Andrés Martín DipAfter the storm, the calm, a beautiful view of the Patagonian skies.

Alejandro Leiva.Sunrise over El Tordillo, Chubut province.

Juan José Echavarría.Sand filter in the air, a day of intense winds at El Tordillo.

Pablo Martellotta.View of the City of Buenos Aires seen from the 26th floor: this is how my day starts at the office.

Dante Canizales.Pesqueria Power Station.

Oriana Der Ohannsian.Sunset on a winter’s afternoon seen from head office, Catalinas Norte Building, 19th floor.

Ernesto De la Cárcova.A dynamic duo.

César Riquelme.The field at El Tordillo.

Ernesto Gamboa.The generation center at night: at CPF Pendare.

Jennifer Regalado. Global Induction Meeting in Ecuador.

Danilo García.An approaching storm at the South Electrical Substation, Shushufindi Field, Ecuador.

Edgardo Ibáñez. After the rain, the gift of green.

Lucía Durán.Returning from Fortín de Piedra.

Aldana Vildoza.HP 210.

Gilberto Barreneche.A glorious sunset.

Experience at Fortín de Piedra

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