“The most important challenge in history”

In our eighth edition of the Energy Transition podcast, we chat with Marco Tivelli, Chief Technology Officer of Tecpetrol. 

“It may seem a little obvious to point this out, but our energy system is incredibly complex and an integral part of every step of our lives—from the chair we sit into the cell phone we use,” explains Marco, providing context. “The immense challenge that humanity faces, and the one it has decided to tackle, is to limit the global temperature rise to just 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050.”

This crucial energy transition goal is the main topic of the latest podcast episode: how to reduce emissions and take care of the planet. Marco discusses the path ahead, with the many economic, technological and governmental initiatives underway to achieve cleaner, more affordable and cheaper energy sources. However, he insists that this is a gradual process that must be carried out intelligently, where gas, the hydrocarbon producing the least emissions, can play a leading role.

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