Clean, reliable and affordable energy: three relevant aspects in the energy transition

The latest edition of the Techint Group’s Energy Transition newsletter contains an interview with Andrea Rocca, the head of Tecpetrol's Energy Transition Unit, as well as articles on the construction of the first Tenaris wind farm, Tenova’s sustainability summit, and the latest news about research into green ammonia by Techint E&C’s Engineering department in Milan.

The seventh edition of Inside the Energy Transition is now out, a quarterly newsletter from the Techint Group with a round-up of the latest news from the business units regarding their work to decarbonize their operations and research innovative and renewable energies.

This edition showcases an interview with Andrea Rocca, Director of Tecpetrol’s Energy Transition Unit, who shares the progress made by his team as they seek to decarbonize the Techint Group’s industrial operations and identify potential opportunities for the future. Rocca also reviews the challenges facing the start-up of the Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) pilot plant in Salta, Argentina, the horizon for new projects using this technology, and the race to develop the know-how to take them “from promise to reality".

Andrea RoccaDirector of Tecpetrol’s Energy Transition Unit

Regarding the energy transition in broader terms, Andrea Rocca observes that it has slowed down somewhat. “High inflation and disruptions in the global supply chain, first arising from the pandemic and then from the war in Ukraine, have forced up energy prices and rekindled the need to maintain supply levels of oil and natural gas.” This has raised questions about how to ensure power is clean, reliable, and affordable. “Making sure it’s clean is one aspect,” he explains. However, "there are other vitally important aspects to consider in a world so fragmented by conflict."

This edition of Inside the Energy Transition includes an in-depth article about Tenaris’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by building its first wind farm in Argentina. The project required an investment of USD 190 million and its power output is expected to meet nearly 50% of the company’s electricity requirements at its Campana Industrial Center, in the province of Buenos Aires. Additionally, mention is made of Ternium’s initiative for a similar project in Olavarría, also in the province of Buenos Aires. The permits to operate both these wind farms were obtained by Tecpetrol through public bidding processes.

The newsletter comes with the latest news about TechEnergy Ventures, the corporate venture capital branch of Tecpetrol's Energy Transition Unit, which has invested in Svante, a Canadian start up. This CO2 capture and removal solutions provider has developed a highly efficient technology to capture carbon emissions from industry and power suppliers.

Then there’s an article on the research being carried out by Techint E&C’s engineering team in Milan for the Italian energy company Enel, with a view to using ecological ammonia at its facilities. The study is part of a series of research projects analyzing the application of new technologies, which are a fundamental part of the energy transition.

The publication also dedicates space to the first summit on sustainable heating technologies, hosted by Tenova, the company developing innovative solutions for the metals and mining industry. The event marked the launch of TenovaLAB, the new laboratory designed to test low-emission combustion systems.

Finally, this edition comes with a summary of a study on the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed in August 2022, whose central aim is to curb inflation by reducing the deficit, slashing prescription drug prices and encouraging investment in domestic energy production while promoting clean energy sources.

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