Favorable tailwinds

In our latest Energy Transition episode, we speak with Xavier Ramírez, Business Development Director, about the role played by wind power in the energy transition.

The future looks bright for wind energy because there is much going on at the moment: investment, innovation and development, says Xavier in dialogue with Tecpetrol Energy Transition. "Argentina, because of its climatic conditions, has some of the best winds on the planet, making it much more efficient than other countries or regions seeking to diversify their energy matrices: it truly is a competitive advantage to have world class winds!”

Xavier Ramírez, Business Development Director-

As an alternative power source on the path to the energy transition, wind energy has proven to be efficient, sustainable and accessible, making it a promising option for achieving self-sufficiency at industrial operations. During the last three years, Tecpetrol's Energy Transition Unit has developed three wind projects in Argentina for the Group’s companies, strengthening their competitive advantages and enhancing synergies. One example is the Buena Ventura Wind Farm, a project which showcases the extent to which synergy has been achieved within the Techint Group. Developed by Tecpetrol, it was built by Techint Engineering & Construction for Tenaris Siderca to power its plant in Campana. The wind farm lies just outside the town of Gonzales Chaves, in the province of Buenos Aires, and consists of 24 wind turbines that will deliver 100 megawatts of power to cover 50% of the plant's energy requirements. Another example is the Vientos Olavarría Wind Farm developed by Ternium Siderar, with a capacity of 99 megawatts, able to meet 90% of the energy demand of the company’s San Nicolás plant. Finally, there is a third project underway, also in the province of Buenos Aires, which will produce 91.5 megawatts. All three projects will enable the companies to replace almost all of the electricity currently supplied by third parties in Argentina with the Group’s own renewable energy.

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