The extraordinary road taken by green steel

In the latest episode of the Techint Energy Transition podcast, Tenova HyL CEO Stefano Maggiolino reveals the secrets underlying the technology that’s a "surefire solution." 

Every year, some 2 billion tons of steel, an essential element for human life and development around the world, produce some 8% of the carbon dioxide emissions responsible for global warming. The big question is whether it’s possible to produce steel without polluting the atmosphere! Stefano Maggiolino, president and CEO of Tenova HyL—a sister company of Techint Engineering & Construction, Ternium, Tenaris and Tecpetrol—traces the path of traditional production, all the way from the Iron Age to the present day. He draws back the curtain on the latest developments, now that blast furnaces are being replaced by plants able to reduce steel without producing CO2.

Stefano Maggiolino at the summit on hydrogen, one of the key elements being used for the decarbonization of the metallurgical industry. -

"This technology is becoming more and more widespread," explains Maggiolino. He points out that the growing flow of state incentives as well as the rise in ethically sustainable consumption habits ensure the expansion of this technology, which he believes is "a surefire solution", even though today, it’s only responsible for a small part of all the steel produced in the world.

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