Tecpetrol University: All training resources you’ll ever need, customized for each set of needs in a single link

Tecpetrol University presents its brand new integrated training platform to help employees pace their learning.

The far-reaching cultural changes underway at Tecpetrol have staked out new ground with Tecpetrol University’s hybrid launch of its new platform. At an in-person event that was simultaneously attended online by employees around the world, the institution’s latest offer was unveiled, with the emphasis on enabling people to take charge and map out their own training path, wherever they are, at both operations and offices. It’s a much-anticipated move by the company that reflects the latest trends in the business world. The new platform has been integrated with the Development Department, giving Human Resources managers and professionals the ability to suggest or assign development paths, including those offered by LinkedIn Learning.

The presentation was a fun and interactive event, showcasing the benefits of the change process that began with the climate survey. "The platform is sponsored by the new groups of axis leaders who are working on issues to do with Training and Development," explained Sebastián Cabezas, coordinator of Tecpetrol University. 

“Three groups were involved in reviewing the Training and Development axis, both its strengths and what needs to be improved,” opened Germán Chávez, Reservoir engineer in Colombia, as he took the floor. One of the axis leaders, Germán considered that having a clear learning path is a key first step. “Although we know there’s a long way to go it’s also very evident that an important process of change has begun within the organization, one fully supported by all employees.”

A look at the world of work

At the point where analog meets digital, and with globalization heralding exciting developments such as robotics, which is here to stay, the world of work is in constant flux. Speaking to a rapt audience of nearly 400 people listening online and in-person, Human Resources guru Jordi Serrano, whose expertise lies in exploring the future of work, offered his view of the latest trends. 

The COVID-19 pandemic (which accelerated the work-from-home vogue), added to the irreversible effects of population growth, climate change and the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine, are all having a decisive impact on the world, and "the global climate is moving towards fear," pointed out Serrano, a founding member of the independent observatory Future For Work Institute.

In this context, resilience is taking the place of agility in organizations, and the profile of the ideal employee is morphing into a person with sharp cognitive skills and the ability to make creative contributions, which, together with critical thinking, are the so-called capabilities of the future. “In a world of constant change, learning is an integral part of the job, and this applies both personally and to organizations," said Serrano. Training is evolving, acquiring new dimensions and multiple formats focused on a clear objective (such as the Reskilling Revolution) where the person takes the reins. "We need people with an open mind, able to look outward and forward, and outside of their position."

A win-win situation where everybody stands to gain by learning

The event featured several fun relationship and knowledge building opportunities, such as a multiple-choice quiz for Tecpetrol employees from all regions to test their knowledge of the company. Martín Lomello, HR manager at headquarters and Southern Cone scored highest and celebrated with a few impromptu dance moves which were picked up by the video feed. Prizes will be awarded to the winners from each area.

The end of the event was an opportunity to recognize the employees who’ve been most active on the LinkedIn Learning platform, which has been incorporated into the Tecpetrol University offer. "We’ve begun a quarterly acknowledgment process to recognize those people who invest time in their learning," announced Sebastián Cabezas, as he wrapped up the event. He encouraged everyone to join in the training days to find out more about the tools, and keep going with constant feedback, at both formal and informal levels, so that “we can together set the pace for your training.”

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