Promoting the sustainable development of communities around the world

The Community Relations department has redesigned and expanded the scope of its educational programs to strengthen access to equal opportunities, social mobility, and innovation in education.

For over 70 years, the companies of the Techint Group have pursued a global project centered on Education as a key driver for both individual progress and the social development of communities.

The main objective during 2021 was to support students and teachers as they returned to in-person classes at school, seeking to level learning standards and narrow the gap in children’s education. In this context, the Community Relations department expanded the scope of the Group’s four global educational programs (Roberto Rocca Technical Schools, Roberto Rocca Tech Gene, Roberto Rocca After School and Roberto Rocca Scholarships), ratifying the firm conviction that education is the main driver for the sustainable and virtuous growth of communities. 

The Annual Community Relations Report reflects the progress and actions developed throughout the year. In 2021, USD 40.2 million dollars were invested, reaching 36,773 people through educational programs and 171,596 people through cultural initiatives, achieving an impact in 20 countries and 60 communities where the Techint Group is present. 

As a tribute to the legacy of Techint Group founder Roberto Rocca, the four global education programs now bear his name, reflecting his deep-seated commitment to community development and growth by supporting a series of worldwide initiatives dedicated to technical learning and training.

Techint Group president Paolo Rocca, son of Roberto, added that: “For Roberto, education was fundamentally important. He was convinced that education is a key driver for people’s development and for social mobility, for creating opportunities and growth. Roberto transmitted these beliefs to the entire Techint Group, and today they are our core values. Education is an essential factor for prosperity.”

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