Find out about everything we did with the community living near the Neuquen basin

A core value for Tecpetrol is its commitment to neighboring communities, and 2021 was no exception, as we continued working to "help those who help themselves". Below, a summary of the company’s community relations activities in Neuquen last year.

As we analyze the balance of what we achieved last year, we look forward to continuing planning for the long term. In 2021, the Argentine team from the Community Relations (CORE) department of the Techint Group deepened its work to drive growth and development in the Neuquen Basin, overcoming significant challenges.

As the pandemic transited its second year, we continued to carry out our corporate social investment programs aimed at helping our neighboring communities to develop along sustainable lines in three areas: education, community development and culture.

Our Technical Gene program plays an active role in enriching the academic training of students and teachers in technical schools throughout a range of different locations in Neuquen. The program covers a broad range of activities, from the provision of infrastructure works and educational tools and equipment to training students and teachers.

Together with the Ministry of Education of Neuquen, we deployed the second phase of our Industry 4.0 training program for teachers at technical and agricultural schools in the province. A total of thirty teachers received 196 hours of online training, covering topics from automation, pneumatics and electro-pneumatics, to PLC and sensors in industry, among others.

The company has also been sharing the very latest in industrial technologies. At the provincial Technical Education School no. 16 in Rincon de los Sauces, a 3D-printing program was taught to twenty-six teachers so that they would be able to replicate key learning projects with their students. Some 300 high-school seniors also received hybrid training involving both online and in-person classes to learn how to use Arduino software, an industrial automation and programming platform. Thirty Arduino kits were delivered to students at the Technical Education School to enable them to continue their learning experience. We also trained 100 students to use the Lazos platform at the provincial Technical Education School no. 24. 

2021 saw the third edition of TecnoAventura, a 100% online immersive experience developed jointly by the company and the provincial Ministry of Education to help students learn about the energy industry, using innovative techniques. Some 315 young people from 15 technical schools in the province had the opportunity to hear from Tecpetrol professionals with a deeper dive into energy production, specifically oil and gas, the main axes of the energy industry today.

Finally, the company offered a talk on Human Resources focused on how to prepare for job interviews and draw up a winning CV for 6th year students at the provincial Technical Education School no. 3.


The company took swift action at the beginning of the pandemic to work with the provincial healthcare system and put in place a support scheme to help healthcare personnel at public hospitals with their daily work. It delivered biosafety items and specific pieces of equipment throughout the pandemic. In total, over the last two years, the company has donated items and equipment worth USD 611,893 to bolster the healthcare system in the provinces of Rio Negro and Neuquen. 

Tecpetrol continues its work with the Baylor Foundation’s Eye Health program. During 2021, eye tests were carried out for 810 children from Anelo and Rincon de los Sauces. Since the program was launched in 2018, we have carried out 2,791 eye tests for children from Anelo, Sauzal Bonito and Rincon de los Sauces; and we have delivered 217 pairs of glasses. 


Together with the Fundación Cimientos, we are supporting the Future Graduates program through a monthly financial scholarship and professional support plan for forty secondary school students in Anelo so that they can continue their studies.

Tecpetrol partners with the Fundación Hermanos Agustín and Enrique Rocca to acknowledge and reward outstanding students for their commitment to education. Last year, it awarded sixty-four Merit Awards to students from Senillosa, Anelo and Catriel in recognition of their efforts and high standards of academic excellence.


For the third consecutive year, we held the Puente Program designed to help young people in Neuquen get job placements and further their professional development. The program is currently supporting twenty-two high-school students from Rincón de los Sauces, Anelo and Aguada San Roque to motivate them to finish their secondary education and provide them with technical training tools.


In the Provincial Technical Education School no. 3 in the provincial capital of Neuquén, we completed the renovation of the computer classroom, incorporating twenty-six new computers, projection equipment and a 55-inch touch screen to help with lessons. We also completed work on a classroom specializing in energy issues. At Technical School no. 23 in the town of Anelo, we delivered equipment and educational materials, providing key resources to strengthen workshops worth over USD 85,000.

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