AOG Patagonia 2022: Three days of intense meetings

The latest Argentina Oil and Gas Exhibition has just ended, leaving talks, announcements, meetings, and new records in its wake. Tecpetrol's stand was a popular source of information, using games and challenges to attract visitors.

As Wednesday, August 10, dawned chilly over the DUAM event venue in Neuquen, the setting for Argentina Oil and Gas Patagonia 2022, expectations were high with the sector anticipating promising developments. In the central pavilion, the Tecpetrol stand welcomed visitors to share in its concept of closeness, with a vast arch of screens framing a dynamic LED wall lighting up the profiles of people as they talked. The center of the stand featured a series of interactive games for people to learn about different kinds of energy, test their knowledge and compete for prizes.

In addition to its modern, hi-tech stand, the company also took part in the talks program. Speaking to a crowded auditorium as part of the "Meetings with CEOs" cycle was Ricardo Markous, who shared a panel with the country manager of Pluspetrol Argentina, Germán Macchi. Markous discussed production levels and projections, resource planning, and the urgent need to start moving on the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline. “It’s vital for the development of Vaca Muerta as transportation capacities are currently saturated. The gas agenda is impressive, as this resource is plentiful and we can send it to neighboring countries. It’s very likely that we’ll reach next winter with the gas pipeline built. But this requires a major effort from all parties: companies, the national and provincial governments, institutions and social organizations. It will undoubtedly have a major impact on the generation of foreign exchange.”

Ricardo Markous speaking at the “Meeting with CEOs” panel.

“In 2020, the Argentine government’s Gas Plan made it necessary to increase production. We were ready for this, just waiting for the signal, which duly arrived. We started our campaign, ramped up production and smashed our own records, reaching output levels of 20.6 million cubic meters per day."

Thursday evening was cocktail time, and Tecpetrol entertained representatives from its value chain, colleagues and provincial and national authorities. The occasion was every inch a success, as over a hundred guests gathered at the stand to talk about energy in general, the company’s different projects and the outlook for development in the Neuquen Basin.

Friday, the last day of the event, saw the company leading another talk, this time directed at the next generation within the framework of the JOG—Young Oil & Gas—organized by the younger members of the industry for their peers.

A successful end to the event.A toast to the leaders at the Tecpetrol stand.

María Laura García, Chief Human Resources Officer, spoke on the Diversity, Job placement and New working modalities panel. Her participation focused on how the daily course of business in the industry is enriched by diversity and inclusion, and strengthened by the input from younger generations. In her talk, she addressed them directly, saying “I know you’re fueled by passion, enthusiasm, and so many ideas. For us in the company, it’s like renewing our energy, it’s a breath of fresh air. What’s coming next is huge. There are many among you who are going to carry this forward, and the more young people there are doing this, the better.”

Fun, knowledge and prizesin interactive games

Celebrations in Fortin de Piedra

The production record announced by Ricardo Markous was celebrated by everybody in Fortin de Piedra, at a barbecue which brought together most of the onsite team, including Martín Bengochea, Vice President of the Neuquen Basin and Vaca Muerta. Pablo Batallan, Mechanical Maintenance Team Leader, spoke with emotion: “It’s so important to be part of a project like this. Reaching this production record reflects the commitment we each have to this project. When you factor in the atmosphere of camaraderie we have, everything becomes so much easier!”

Bright, shiny and modern.The Tecpetrol stand, an ideal setting for meetings.

“We’ve achieved a great goal, which is an excellent opportunity to set ourselves new ones! Congratulations to all the people of Tecpetrol,” said José Chazarreta, HSE Lead Supervisor, while Teófilo Vignolles, General Services Lead Supervisor chimed in with, “It’s our daily work that will sustain and eventually exceed this milestone. We’re all very happy and grateful to be a part of this."

Martin Migliavacca, Senior Production Manager, thanked General Services for hosting the barbecue and concluded that, “This winter we reached our limits at all the facilities, so we’re already starting to carry out new projects to improve conditions for ourselves. This record is an achievement made by the entire team, not only the operational sectors but the areas providing them with support.”

Unbridled emotion at Vaca Muerta.A new record set and celebrated with a barbecue.

Experience at Fortín de Piedra

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