An award for diversity

The Diversity program has won the top Incluye Prize for 2021which distinguishes the best Diversity and Inclusion practices of the year. The Tecpetrol program was chosen from among over fifty initiatives underway in companies in Mexico that are members of the Incluye Forum, working to promote ideas for an inclusive culture.

Members of the +Diversity teamMaría Laura García, Talent Management Manager and Julieta Delorenzi, HR project manager.

Promoting diversity and inclusion is a good way to get ahead! According to the International Labor Organization’s latest study, carried out in sixty countries and involving over 13,000 companies, diversity policies increase an organization’s potential to innovate and create by as much as 59%. In addition, it revealed that companies investing in diversity, equality and inclusion build more effective teams that are better able to adapt to change.

Tecpetrol launched its +Diversity program in 2018, shouldering the commitment to be at the forefront of change and drive a more inclusive world of work throughout its operations. "We are certainly going in the right direction. We’re fully aware of what diversity is, and what it means for business development,” explained Pablo Lesdesma, director of Human Resources and Institutional Relations, during the last CEO talk of 2018.

Just two years later, the program continues to break new ground, attracting recognition for its achievements. Tecpetrol Mexico has just been distinguished with the Incluye Award in the category of "Best Diversity and Inclusion Practices 2021" organized by the Incluye organization, a grouping of 50 Latin American organizations that have come together to spark new ideas and create initiatives which will make a difference in Mexico.

+Diversity was picked as the winner from a wide range of initiatives presented by all the member companies. The criteria evaluated included the effect achieved by the initiative, how it dovetailed with the organization's strategy, its scope within and beyond the organization, the standard of innovation involved, its objectives and implementation, and how employees and leaders were involved in its deployment.

Attending the award ceremony held online were Humberto Fernández, the Manager of Tecpetrol Mexico and Tania Espíndola, who is the HR leader for the Northern Region. "We are delighted with the award, which acknowledges the efforts made by all the company as well as the degree to which everyone was involved in this program," said Fernández during the event.

Some +Diversity impact numbers:

  • Mentoring for 27 women
  • 90 hours of accompaniment on dual careers for 11 expatriate/local couples.
  • 15,600 hours invested in 18 workshops on unconscious biases.
  • 15 participants in the Maternity Coaching program.
  • 23 participants in the launch of the Paternity Coaching 4.0 program
  • 6 generational bias workshops for 218 employees.
  • 2 intergenerational webinars for 200 employees.

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