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The renovation of the site was carried out under the slogan "Energy connects us", with a focus on telling the stories demonstrating how the company overcame challenges and notched up achievements on its journey to provide people, industries and countries with the energy they need to develop and grow. took a storytelling approach to its digital transformation process, resulting in an informative website with a striking visual appeal.

The site features an experience module where users are plunged 2,000 meters deep into the Vaca Muerta formation, ascending towards the surface in the manner of gas being produced to explore the relevance of this energy source for Argentina.

Furthermore, the website offers easy access to Tecpetrol's different projects, showcasing its commitment to sustainability and its vision of ethics and transparency. It also provides all the information about career possibilities, including Tecpetrol University, and clear and comprehensive sections for investors and suppliers, among others.

One of the main objectives of the exercise was to build an agile and flexible site reflecting the way that the business has evolved. The idea was to intuitively connect site users with Tecpetrol, identifying five individual target audiences to receive tailored messages: an investor, a supplier, a neighbor from our communities, a candidate keen to join the company, and a journalist. Work was carried out to identify the best path each one should take to find what they are looking for, simultaneously achieving the brand's objectives. The company worked closely with the global creative agency MediaMonks, holding a series of “discovery workshops” with key figures who shared their thoughts and made contributions during the process to achieve a studied design and the application of best practices in website architecture.

This is how, designed both for desktop computers and mobile devices, has taken its place at the heart of the company’s corporate digital strategy, fostering synergy by creating backlinks to social networks and other communication pieces.

Agility and flexibility The markers for the evolution of the business.

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Energy connects us