Tecpetrol simulators: among the best practices in Human Resources

The Simulators initiative, developed by a multidisciplinary team from Tecpetrol, was selected fourth among the 10 best projects for the Persona Awards granted for Outstanding Human Resources Practices. The contest is held in Argentina every year with the aim of showcasing the work of companies, NGOs or government entities creating positive effects for welfare and productivity in their organizations and their collaborators.

A total of 65 projects were presented for evaluation by a jury made up of 15 HR specialists who examined them on the basis of four parameters: quality in the presentation, applicability to other companies, creativity and innovation, and the ability to solve problems and achieve results.

The ten finalist companies for the Persona Awards were:

  • Alsea "Alliances Program” (Alliances Program)

  • Banco Galicia “Galicia Live”

  • BBDO Argentina “Compañeros en el Corona Coaster” (Buddies on the Corona Coaster)

  • Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario “Innovadores BCR” (BCR Innovators)

  • Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes “Autenticidad” (Authenticity)

  • Litoral Gas “Juntos en acción” (Together in Action)

  • Omint “Conectando el Ser con el Hacer” (Connecting Being with Doing)

  • Swiss Medical “Academia Salud” (Health Academy)

  • Tecpetrol “Simuladores” (Simulators)

  • YPF “Programas de empleabilidad para grupos sociales vulnerables” (Employability programs for socially vulnerable groups)

“I want to congratulate all those who took part in the Tecpetrol Simulators project, not only for positioning the company’s HR department as one of the best Human Resources practices in Argentina, but also for daring to innovate in training practices with an impact on the development of our human resources,” said María Laura García, manager of Talent and Communication.

The first edition ended with an online ceremony on November 30, where the 10 cases selected were presented and all those taking part in the event voted for the Outstanding Human Resources Practice 2020. Tecpetrol's Simulators initiative came in fourth place.

The Persona Awards were jointly organized by BenchClub and Dossier Talento & Empresa.

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