Taking a stand against domestic violence

In November 2023, we launched a new protocol which provides support and advice for people in situations of domestic violence. Here’s what it’s all about.

Not everybody is able to leave their domestic troubles at home when they go to work, and for this reason, we’re offering people a space where they can be heard and helped in a confidential setting at work. Last year, we launched an Accompaniment Protocol for situations of Domestic Violence, aimed at providing support and advice for people exposed to these types of circumstances within a framework of respect and confidentiality.

So what is this initiative about? Javier Buzzone, Organization & Compliance Sr. Manager, explains that, “This protocol sets out the principal situations where we can collaborate and the different ways in which we can accompany our people. For example, we can offer legal advice, psychological support and in some cases help out with some form of financial assistance.”

Drawing up the protocol took into account recommendations by the International Labor Organisation (ILO) and was a joint task carried out by the areas of Cultural Transformation, Organization & Compliance, Legal, Audit, the Governance committee of the +d area and the Human Resources department.

“It was a truly interdisciplinary task, a process involving several review and discussion stages,” recalls Sandra Fernández, the Labor Relations Manager at the El Tordillo field. "We felt that it was incredibly important to offer a safe space that took into account people's times and capacity for taking decisions."

While the protocol applies universally to all staff regardless of gender, it’s often the case that women bear the brunt of domestic violence and harassment situations. According to Julieta Delorenzi, Cultural Transformation Sr. Manager, the issue was approached as a cross-cutting concern when raising awareness among leaders and preparing the Human Resources team to address potential cases.

“We’re concerned about people’s well-being, both inside and outside the workplace. We received some very positive feedback in response to our interest in these topics. We’re the first to develop this tool within the Techint Group and have already begun sharing it with the rest of the companies, and they’re starting to roll out their own protocols,” she concludes.

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