Five highlights from the updated Code of Conduct

Vilma Bettini, Chief Audit Executive, explains why the recent update of this key Tecpetrol document is so important.


1. Why the Code of Conduct was updated

From time to time, due to world dynamics and our company’s continued expansion, Tecpetrol reviews its Code of Conduct to ensure that it aligns with applicable regulations and business trends. It’s important to note that the core concepts of the Code remain unchanged.

2. Tecpetrol values have been incorporated into the Code

The company's six values lie at the heart of this document. They are key to Tecpetrol's energy business and are an integral part of all the sections of the Code. In this latest edition, readers can easily recognize how the values and principles of the Code are in complete harmony.

3. The appearance and style of the document have changed

The visual style has been completely revamped to make the Code more user-friendly and more attractive overall. The content has been written in a direct style, reorganized into topics and by hierarchical level to help employees identify and understand the principles and standards. The new layout enables readers to navigate the document through sections.

4. New additions or sections that have changed from the previous version

· General Principles: Compliance with Laws; Corporate Accountability and Transparent Management, and Good Judgment and Common Sense

Since neither this Code nor any other Code can exhaustively address all situations, in this version, the three main principles have been consolidated into a specific section that is easy to find. These key concepts should guide people in the course of their daily activities, especially when they’re faced with a complex work decision, or when there are no specific procedures to follow. If concerns remain, employees should seek advice from their supervisor, Internal Audit, BCCO or Legal Services.

· Health and Safety

This section explains Tecpetrol's commitment to its safety culture and to substantially reducing safety and health risks in its operations. Attention is drawn to the significant role played by employees, as they are instrumental in complying with health and safety regulations and reducing risks.

· Public Communications

Due to the extensive use of social media, a new subject has been added to the Code. Employees should be aware that when posting on any public platform, including LinkedIn, the information posted should not lead to any confusion arising between their personal opinions and Tecpetrol's institutional stance. Only authorized personnel may make or publish statements on behalf of Tecpetrol.

5. Last but not least: The Compliance Line, an ally for compliance with the Code

The Compliance Line is a confidential channel provided by Tecpetrol for all personnel and third parties to report possible violations of the Code of Conduct. We encourage people to play an active role in this regard.

The Compliance Line is available in Spanish and English and anyone can access it by phone, using a QR code or a link. The Internal Audit department is responsible for managing this channel and investigating the complaints received.

Launch of the Code of Conduct

The Code has been approved by the Board of Directors of Tecpetrol and came into effect on June 1, 2024.

· Available in Spanish and English: This means that everyone can read it and fully understand it.

· Acknowledgement of the Code: Employees must sign an acknowledgment form stating that they have read, understood and will comply with the Code of Conduct.

· Training: A series of training activities will be rolled out over the next few months (e.g., e-learning courses, in-person sessions, among others).

You can access the updated Code of Conduct here.

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