The right place for young talent

The Argentine consulting firm Cia De Talentos has just conducted a survey ranking the Techint Group as one of the best companies for young talent today.

Preferences of young professionals

The survey revealed that 57% of young people surveyed have a "dream company" in mind that they want to work for. When choosing a workplace, young people rate aspects such as opportunities for learning and development, being able to tackle challenges, professional exposure, international work rotation and the chance to pursue their passions. Young people also tend to opt for companies whose culture matches their values.

This year, Google topped the list as the workplace of choice, closely followed by Mercado Libre and Unilever. In fifth place was Techint, which had climbed three steps compared to last year, securing a coveted spot in the top five dream companies for young talent.

The Techint Group and its transformative projects

The Techint Group has established itself as one of the most attractive companies for young professionals in Argentina today. With large-scale projects linked to the energy transition, Industry 4.0, Vaca Muerta and mega infrastructure works, the company has amply demonstrated its commitment to innovation and sustainable growth.

In the last year, over 400 students and young graduates have joined the Group, eager to gain first-hand experience of such transformative projects. In addition, 1,300 high-school and university students from eight Argentine provinces have been awarded scholarships to further their education.

Professional development programs

The Group has been managing programs such as the Young Professionals program and Summer Educational Internships for the last 35 years, providing opportunities for fresh talent to contribute to significant projects as well as gain practical experience. The thing about these programs is that they not only support professional growth but also encourage the development of autonomy and responsibility.

Lara Lascurain, Talent Management Director, explains the strategic importance of these programs as "some 50% of the Group's senior managers in Argentina joined us through these programs."

Committed to education

Through initiatives such as the Roberto Rocca Technical Schools and the Roberto Rocca Scholarships program, the Group seeks to train technicians who strive for excellence, and support talented young students as they pursue their educational path.

To conclude, the Techint Group is known not only for its work as a leading company creating transformative projects but also as an employer of choice for young professionals eager to experience a dynamic, inclusive work environment committed to personal and professional development. The Group’s overarching focus on diversity, education, and innovation positions them as a dream company for emerging talent today.

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