A new year of growth and commitment

The Techint Group 2022 brochure is now available, highlighting the results obtained globally and by company, with a special focus on its values and relations with the community.

The new Techint Group 2022 brochure provides details on the evolution of its companies and the continued rise in the incorporation of new employees. Overall, it achieved revenue levels of USD 33.6 billion and hired 60,000 permanent employees.

Driving our future

The Techint Group is committed to promoting the growth and evolution of the communities where it operates through a number of different programs that promote education, preserve cultural heritage, encourage innovation, and support community development.

Education is the core value driving people’s growth and promoting social mobility. In 2022, USD 39.5 million were invested in educational programs that reached 421,112 people in 19 countries. The Roberto Rocca Technical Schools in Argentina and Mexico trained over 800 high-school students, offering students scholarships based on an assessment of their personal needs.

A core of shared values unites all the companies in the Group, and safeguarding the health and safety of all the people working in the Group is the top priority. Tenaris, Ternium, Techint Engineering & Construction, Tenova, Tecpetrol and Humanitas are all leaders in their respective sectors, known for achieving consistent, quality results in their fields and for sustaining a long-standing tradition of excellence built on values such as transparency, excellence, care for the environment and multiculturalism.

Our results

The scope of activity of the companies making up the Group is global, and each plays a leading role in their industry, while developing and applying its own projects and strategies. The results for each company have been very encouraging over this last year.

Tenaris increased its sales to reach USD 11.8 billion, while Ternium achieved total figures of USD 16.4 billion. Both are pressing on with their decarbonization plans, in line with corporate values rooted in the principles of sustainability, seeking to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

Techint E&C revenues totaled around USD 1.8 billion, exceeding even pre-pandemic 2018 levels, while Tenova, received orders for over USD 1.4 billion, achieving revenues of USD 800 million.

In addition to its commitment to exploring renewable energy sources and developing innovative hydrogen, carbon capture and lithium projects, Tecpetrol has achieved excellent results both in its production and in its proven reserves. Its Energy Transition Unit is creating a roster of novel projects and fostering synergy between all the industrial companies of the Techint Group, on the path toward a more sustainable future.

In Italy, the Humanitas Group has accumulated over 1,200,000 patients. It continues work to improve its impact factor, thanks to advanced technology systems and the economic sustainability and social responsibility models offered to patients.

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