Seeing beauty in everything

The most recent edition of the Photography Competition has just been held, with nineteen contestants and two winners, both from the same operation, and many new fans of the wonders of the Colombian landscapes.

Colombia and its enchantments in the eyes of Tecpetrol employees. The beauty of its rainforests, mountains and plains, its lush vegetation and breathtaking views. All this, and more, was portrayed by the contestants of the 2023 Photography Competition organized by the Human Resources department in Colombia, which divided the initiative into two categories: Operations and Nature. To take part, participants merely had to upload a photo accompanied by a witty description.

The winning photo in the Nature category.No filters, no special effects, just the palette of the sky.

Let's imagine for a moment the natural wonders that our colleagues enjoy every day. The paths framed in a thousand shades of green, through exuberant forests and cool valleys that are the backdrop to their daily routine. All those scenic images coexisting in a gallery of pictures that some will simply admire while others will download to their phones or save them to use as wallpaper. Who knows? What we do know, is that there’s nothing quite like sharing. And what better excuse to display the vision of the amazing landscapes which are the setting for your workplace than the motivation of winning a photography award and having all your colleagues appreciate your talent?

Human Resources received nineteen photos from different parts of Colombia, and made them available online so everyone could vote for their favorites. The winners were Daniel Guacheta in the Operations category, and Jhon Castro in the Nature category. "The spectacle of the sun setting across these lands is something unique and majestic, especially in this region of Puerto Gaitán, so I tried to capture and convey that sense of sublime beauty," explains Daniel, in tune with Jhon, who was also captivated by this time of day. “The sunset across the plains, El Llano; it’s a brief window of just a few minutes when you can see this extraordinary show. The sky turns four different colors, and the sun seems little bigger than normal.”

In the Operations category, his was the winning photo.The day drawing to an end over the CPF at the Pendare Field.

Although neither is a professional photographer, they have a long-standing relationship with the camera, and this year’s Photography Competition was not the first time for either of them. Daniel confides that, “I had good expectations. Two years ago, I came second and fourth, this year I was really keen to do as well or even better.” While Jhon explains that, "I participated in the last two contests, and I saw this as a good opportunity to have another go."

But mainly, what they were really wanted when signing up for the contest, also publicized on Instagram where Jhon's photo got the most votes, was something singularly human. Both men were motivated by the desire to transmit through their photographs the reality of life on-site, the colors of their days and the beauty of their landscapes. As Daniel says, "I wanted to show people just how beautiful it all is, Puerto Gaitán, el Llano, Campo Pendare, the CPF, where Jhon, our colleagues and I work."

John Castro.From the plains, he can see the sky glowing in four different colors.

Waiting for the exact moment to record a unique moment for posterity. That is the mission of a photographer. “Out there on the Llano, you see some incredible landscapes, so I came prepared to get these shots, and luckily they came out amazingly well,” finishes Daniel. Jhon adds, "To get all those hues, the ochres, the deep reds and oranges of the sun, I had to choose the best place and just sit and wait." Both photos bear out their words, as the sun in all its magnificence is the protagonist, bestowing on the landscape and the operation a luminous radiance, the ideal look for its immortalization.

Daniel Guachetá.He works at the Pendare Field, set in a landscape of extraordinary beauty.

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