Guardians of the Neuquén and Vaca Muerta Basin Region

Marcos Rosetti and María Cecilia Flores, from the Tecpetrol Security Department in the Neuquén Basin, reveal the heart of this agency, essential for the operation, which works tirelessly.

A quiet day at the site can without warning turn into a race against time. A rollover on the road, a sudden blizzard, or an animal on the loose, can set off the alarms at the Tecpetrol Security Operations Center in Fortín de Piedra, triggering the launch of a communications chain of command. Marcos Rosetti and María Cecilia Flores are on hand to manage information and take decisions.

The Security Department was set up on the basis of experiences in other countries and took off with the boom in activity at Fortín de Piedra. Today, it operates around the clock to ensure the continuity of the operations and to help whoever needs assistance in the vicinity of the site, whose camp today houses over a thousand people.

Providing service to others is a vital part of their vocation at Tecpetrol. -

Marcos and Cecilia talk about the paths in life that led them to Neuquén, what personality traits make them ideally suited to work together as a team, the passions that inspire them, and, above all, some of the movie-like scenarios they’ve experienced at work. From road closures following a protest by local doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic to rescuing a truck driver trapped under his load on the provincial highway, they agree that, "The best thing we have is our outstanding workplace climate!"

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Experience at Fortín de Piedra

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