Miles of stories

Daniel Perfumo, Warehouse Supervisor at Fortín de Piedra, opens up his box of anecdotes for a new episode of the Our Stories podcast.

As a child, Perfumo dreamed of being an astronaut and liked to dress up in a silver suit that to him looked pretty much like the real thing. From playing among the cows that belonged to his family’s dairy in Córdoba, to contemplating the clear starry skies in Neuquén, Daniel Perfumo, Warehouse Supervisor of Fortín de Piedra, recalls his experiences as he moved around the country: “My oldest daughters were born in Tartagal, my youngest son in Comodoro Rivadavia.”

Trained in business administration and tourism management, Perfumo is always extremely amusing when he tells the anecdote of how he only really gained an understanding of the working of the Oil & Gas industry when he arrived in the heart of Vaca Muerta, and donned his overalls. He tells us what it's like to have to manage the tested patience of a crew of stranded truckers waiting to ship their loads of sand: “Humor is good for releasing tension.”

With a smile.This is how Daniel Perfumo welcomes the suppliers of the warehouse at Fortín de Piedra.

This is a man who has a story for everything and who believes that anything can be solved “if you just find the right way around it, and be content with what you do.” Today, in the middle of the steppes where just eight years ago “there was nothing,” he can often be found, strumming his guitar as time goes by, into the westerly wind, during his free time at the camp.

“I like to write these stories down, I get up every day and compile them. Maybe one day I will publish them in a book,” Daniel muses, “as stories have to be told, they cannot be kept silent.”

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