“My character springs from the love I have for other people”

In our second edition of the Tecpetrol Our Stories” podcast, we hear Guadalupe González Alegría’s inspiring story.

Guadalupe, better known as Lupita, is an engineer from Veracruz, Mexico, who lives in Monterrey with her two dogs, Maximiliano and Mojo. She’s been working at Tecpetrol for over ten years and her current post is as a Commercial Specialist.

Thanks as much to her university studies as to her grit and determination, Lupita was able to make her childhood dreams come through, despite being brought up in tough conditions where she had to work from a very young age. “I’m the resilient type,” she remarks, and brings up the fact that she will forever be grateful to her family.

Lupita's day to day.Always with a smile.

As she matured through effort and self-knowledge, something else came to life inside her: this was Doctor Joy. Her other self, a way of giving back. How did this begin? She took a course to be a laughter therapy coach, seeking a way of spreading joy to other people. Then she wondered how she might take this further. It was at this point that she qualified as a Clown Doctor, joining the Asociación Doctor Payaso A.C.

Doctor Joy makes meaningful connections with children through play, stories and affection, at hospitals and associations such as Oncopeques, which cares for children with cancer. “Everything that children give you is quite wonderful. For a moment, they forget what they’re going through and teach you extraordinary things about love, hope and faith.”

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