“We work together just like a rugby team”

In the third episode of Tecpetrol’s Our Stories podcast, we chat to José Gallardo from El Tordillo.

José is the Lead Maintenance Supervisor at El Tordillo, which he describes as “a beautiful site, full of challenges.” He works in the area of mechanical maintenance, and claims that one of his most challenging tasks has to do with the individual pumping devices, also known as storks. "My job is to supervise the assembly, transfer and disassembly of this equipment, and we have to ensure that this is carried out as safely as possible—using eighty-ton cranes!"

Jose at El Tordillo. “A beautiful site, full of challenges”.

One of José’s passions is rugby, which he played for a long time. Today, accompanied by his wife Vero, they’re keen fans who cheer on their sons, Fabricio and Tiago at the matches they play. And very often, José meets up with his colleagues from the sector at these matches, as pretty much everyone is passionate about this sport. In fact, they tackle their everyday tasks with the same energy as this sport. “We work as a team, we’re all pushing for production and safety. We work like a rugby seven team, all kicking in the same direction,” declares this Patagonian, born and bred to the tune of the incessant winds blowing across the southern steppes.

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