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Everything’s changed for the better at the Fortín de Piedra gym: they’ve got new machines, routines and trainers, as well as bikes to be used for touring the area. We spoke with General Services, who’re in charge. 

An active break is the starting point: physical activity sessions held in a working environment, during at least ten or fifteen minutes non-stop. It’s cardio, muscle-building and flexibility all rolled into one. These are exercises designed to reduce injury and cardiovascular risks associated with work as well as tackle the health problems brought by sedentary routines.

Teófilo Vignolles, the General Services Lead Supervisor at Fortín de Piedra, explains the rationale behind this initiative for Tecpetrol Hoy: “We’ve made some pretty big changes in the gym. We’ve replaced the old machines and added a group of professional trainers to design and help people perform the routines, as well as carry out a personalized follow-up of each training session.”

Ignacio Ordóñez, General Services Team Leader, provides context: “The contract was running out, so it was a natural starting point for making improvements to this place, which was built and set up by Techint when it founded the crew camp. We reopened the revamped premises on December 5.”

“Between machines and benches, we’ve added twenty-seven new pieces of equipment to the gym's offer. And we’ve created an app called Training Gym Manager to help people follow their exercise routines,” explains Milagros Safreiter, General Services Supervisor.

An all-around offer. New machines, better training.

The responses and comments came immediately, all highly positive, such as the remarks by Franco Fernández, Water Plant Manager: “We’re delighted with the quality of the new equipment. The machines are comfortable, safe and specific, and there are more trainers in addition to the ones we already had: they’re really helpful and are always there for us.”

Ignacio adds that, “As for the bikes, our challenge today is how to work with HSE to analyze the safest routes and once the courses have been resolved, we can offer our four mountain bikes to people so they can use them to enjoy exercising in the open air.”

“The plan to boost people’s physical activity is part of a broader approach, like the active breaks in the fields and offices at our Neuquén facilities,” explains Ignacio, adding that, "Our expectations revolve around how we can improve services."

“The medical sector is also involved, particularly in the healthcare side of things. In addition, for this new stage, we’ve added special activities in the courtyard and on the soccer field. The idea is to continue improving outdoor recreation activities.”

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