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Amelia Corradi is a Project Economics Lead Analyst who shares dynamic and original videos about the energy world on her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

“People flip a switch and turn a light on—but what’s behind it all?” The desire to share what she knows prompted Amelia Corradi, the Project Economics Lead Analyst from Tecpetrol's Business Development area, to start making fun, dynamic videos about the world of energy. She wants to reach anybody who’s curious and eager to learn more about the subject through her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

The videos explain complex issues in an easy, dynamic and informal way. “I want to bring the concepts down to earth so everyone can understand them. The idea is to contribute to knowledge and understanding so that whoever sees them learns something new. Some people have already told me they really like the videos, want to show them at school, or watch them with their kids. That's really great, as that’s why I’m doing them!” she enthuses.

These videos are an opportunity to learn about the basic laws governing the world of energy so we can be better informed and share that knowledge with those around us.

Don’t miss Amelia's clipsYou can follow her on her Instagram and TikTok accounts: @melicorradi.

Amelia, who is a petroleum engineer, has been working at the company for five years and has amassed a lot of knowledge on the way, as her career has taken her to Fortín de Piedra, Neuquén, and now to Buenos Aires. She explains that the videos are not for her colleagues who know about the subject, but rather "for people who aren’t in the industry or don’t have as much technical knowledge, but are interested in learning about issues related to energy."

Amelia says that she always enjoyed explaining and talking about the topics she’s passionate about. Now, since she started sharing the videos, she’s been surprised to see how keen people are to find out more, and particularly to get correct data so they can share it. “I make videos about topics that interest me or things that the people who follow me share. They send me suggestions and I often get new ideas from their messages. Also, since I read a lot, I’m always finding out about new topics that are interesting to share,” she says.

The videos are designed for today's audience. “We have to remember it’s 2022. These days, people like to see short, dynamic stuff on their social media feeds, videos that easy are to follow and real, not something like a university class," she explains. Being aware of people’s interests and preferences was what prompted her to choose the Instagram and TikTok social media networks to share her work, as her goal was always to reach as many people as possible. Follow @melicorradi.

Ready for a big reveal? Promise not to spoil?Then hit play and start enjoying all the things that Amelia has prepared. It's all well worth sharing!

“What’s going on around the world?”

Amelia started posting her videos in September 2022, because she wanted to share her take on all the things she saw and learned at work. “In my job, we have a very informed overview of what’s going on around us, and how this affects us and other companies. This enabled me to develop a broader picture of things at a global level and I realized that energy is a critically important issue," she stresses.

She believes that a key part of the energy transition under way around the globe is about responsible energy consumption. “The world population is growing, and so is demand, making it necessary to develop a conscientious, responsible use of resources. The fact that energy comes from renewable sources does not mean 'unlimited', or at least not with the technologies we have today.”

For this reason, Amelia is adamant that stewarding our resources is key to the future of humanity and that more people will contribute positively if they have information about how to do this. For her, “we use energy all the time. Our lives as we know them today developed from the discovery and development of different energy sources. We went from walking to carts to cars, which made life much easier for us and allowed us to evolve as humanity. This is a key issue and people must bear it in mind.”

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