Creating and sharing opportunities: that's what it's all about

Cinthya Montoya is the company’s HRBP Manager in Ecuador, and she’s been with Tecpetrol for thirteen years. Today she tells us about her job and the importance of giving back and sharing all the good things she’s received.

Cinthya was very clear about her career path: she wanted to work in the oil industry. The mother of a little boy, she was studying Business Engineering and was just 24 years old. Her financial situation was not an easy one, and “I spent my time sending resumes to as many companies as I could. Then I saw an ad calling for interns for Tecpetrol.”

At that age, she thought getting in there would be a dream come true. However, for her area, in Administration and Finance, there was only one place. It was 2009 and the company was holding interviews for a number of different internships. “I arrived at the Tecpetrol building and there was a really big crowd waiting outside. There must have been a hundred and fifty of us. When we started filling out the forms, some girls sitting near me said: 'Look, there’s the best graduate from uni…. and him over there won a scholarship.' I came from a rather small college. I said to myself, right, that's it, for sure I won’t be chosen. But at least it’s a good experience for me."

“There were many foreigners there, members of central organizations, all the departments were super involved, there were people from Human Resources and a representative from Techint who was helping us with the process. I had no idea that this existed: the tests were really well organized, there were protocols, the steps were very clear, it was all rather overwhelming for a person of my age without any idea of what the industry was like.”

Sharing and teachingCinthya, on the right, and Mara Cifuentes, her intern.

The process lasted a full day. In the afternoon, they called out a list of some twenty names and to her surprise, Cinthya’s name was called, out of a hundred and fifty who’d turned up at the beginning of the day. She began work as an intern: “I was so surprised to find out that interns get paid. My son was just starting school and it was perfect for me to pay for his education. I started working in Administration and Finance.”

“I was very lucky because I met people like my first boss, who taught me a lot and was also my mentor. I worked there for a year and when I changed section, all my colleagues gave me a hand to help me continue growing”.

And this is where it gets interesting when Cinthya feels that fate stepped in: “I began work in HR, and one of my first responsibilities was to take care of the Young Professionals and internship programs. For me, this wasn’t just some chance event, as we’re always trying to find room for interns, and we believe in the power and determination of those who are just starting out. For me, taking on such a responsibility was doubly important, because of the way I myself joined the company. It brings me huge satisfaction to see all this effort being multiplied, and now we’re getting some youngsters who’re closer to my son’s age than mine, and I see myself in them.”

It’s impossible to enumerate all of Cinthya’s activities. She manages several HR processes and their subtasks. “But I think that the key thing is all the personnel development aspects: the evaluations, defining how people are going to function, setting up our workplace climate surveys, and now tackling the cultural transformation. I’m really happy with these changes because I’ve been growing with Tecpetrol.”

Her experiences as an intern in the early days when she joined the company are a fount of wisdom and input to help her support new entrants. “I’m always coming across different attitudes and mindsets, including kids who are really nervous and don't understand very much at the beginning, and then they gradually adapt. It’s so satisfying to watch this process from where I am. To see how they grow and become more confident and skilled, even when some leave to pursue their career growth elsewhere. In short, Tecpetrol has helped me unconditionally from the word go. It really is an honor for me to be on this side of the counter now, accompanying, helping, and being close to those who need the most support.”

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