Effective meetings make your time worthwhile

Is it really necessary to schedule a meeting? Can you resolve an issue or get a project to move forward without having to meet?

Time is money: our time, our colleagues’ time…! When you call a meeting, you’re asking people to make an effort, sort out their schedules, and pay attention.

If you do need to set up a meeting, check out these recommendations to make sure it’s as effective as possible:

> Define the reason for the meeting and only invite those people who really need to participate.

> Check corporate and individual agendas before sending the invitation, and bear in mind the time difference of participants from other countries.

> Schedule meetings to last 45 minutes maximum. Communicate the objectives and topics clearly and concisely.

> If the meeting involves a presentation or information requiring analysis, send the material in advance.

> Respect the start and end times.

> Make sure that the next steps and responsibilities are clear.

You can also evaluate the pros and cons of holding hybrid meetings, unifying physical and virtual formats to try and offer the best of both worlds. If you’re going to hold a hybrid meeting, try out these recommendations:

> Make sure that all participants appear on screen, both those joining virtually and those actually in the room.

> Foster a climate of participation where everyone is active.

> Ask those people joining the meeting online to keep their camera on and mute their microphone.

> Assign a moderator in the room to facilitate interaction.

> Take advantage of the technological tools offered online to achieve as much interaction as possible: the chat, hand-raising functions, etc.

In this age of ever larger and more complex projects, progress, evolution and growth, it is vital to make the most of our time and that of our colleagues. By following these recommendations, we’re taking key steps towards efficiency and time-management.

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