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The Summer Educational Internships and the Referrals Program: two of the Group’s initiatives aimed at youth employment.

For the Techint Group, its people are the most important link in the value chain, and one of the key areas of development is youth employment, served by the Summer Educational Internships and the Referrals Program.

With the slogan "A vital experience for your resumé and for your life", the Group's Human Resources area launched its Argentina roadshow on August 1 to meet students and recent graduates and invite them to sign up for the Summer Educational Practices, known in Spanish as PEV. The roadshow will take the recruitment team from the northern province of Tucuman all the way down to Comodoro Rivadavia in Patagonia by the end of November, on a mission to interview university students who have graduated or are about to graduate, interested in working in the Group's companies over the summer.

The Summer Educational Internships are professional practices built around learning, development and vocation. The program is designed to give young professionals the chance to take their first steps in an environment conducive to their professional development. The basic requirement is to be studying at university and have passed at least 70% of the study course. Fernando Del Matto, who is 27 years old and a Young Professional, did his PEV in the Production area of the Aguarague field in Tartagal, Salta, Argentina. He explains that “as well as learning lots of specific things about the sector, I found out a great deal about the oil & gas industry, which I didn’t know, and which seems an amazing area to be working in. To sum it up, this is about growth.”

"I learned a great deal. Our colleagues were always more than willing to teach us!”Azul Iparraguirre

The Referrals Program is designed to connect with talent from another angle, looking among friends, siblings and university study colleagues, as the program is designed to link university students and graduates who’ve been referred by Techint Group employees, to a job opportunity in the company.

Since the program was launched, it’s received over 300 referrals from all over the country and from a range of different specialties related to the world of energy and oil & gas. Of these applications, fifteen new talents have joined the Group since March 2020.

The Referrals Program kicks in when a Group of employees signs up their candidate using an online registration form. If the person hasn’t previously been registered, the Talent Attraction team reviews their application to see whether they meet the requirements. Once they’re through this round, they’re included on a shortlist and invited to take part in the selection process for a position as a Young Professional, or to do an Ordinary Educational Internship or join the Summer Educational Internships program, depending on their academic qualifications and suitability.

Of the more than 300 references received, 152 began the selection process, and over 60 candidates passed through all the stages. Finally, a quarter of these went on to successfully complete all the stages required to join one of the Group's companies.

Both programs are an example of the commitment displayed by the Group’s employees to talent recruitment, whether at Tecpetrol, Ternium, Techint Engineering & Construction, Central Organizations or Exiros. It goes to show that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts, as this objective is shared by everyone making up the Techint Group.

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