Tecpetrol and Techint E&C sign a contract to grow in Colombia

Techint Engineering & Construction has signed a new contract with Tecpetrol to develop a series of engineering works permitting the expansion and increase of production at its Pendare field.

The Pendare field lies in the municipality of Puerto Gaitan, in the Department of Meta, in the Los Llanos Orientales Basin, where Techint Engineering & Construction has been working with Tecpetrol since 2018. First, it provided basic and detail engineering, as well as construction services, to build an oil-production Central Processing Facility (CPF) with a capacity of 110 KBFPD. Subsequently, work continued with an operations and maintenance contract which will run until 2025.

Thanks to the quality of the work carried out, the customer once again placed its trust in Techint E&C with the award of a new contract. Located in the exploration and production block CPO13, the latest project envisages the development of conceptual, basic and detail engineering for new production facilities and the review or modification of existing ones. The project includes drawing up the documentation required to purchase equipment and materials, and the provision of technical analysis services to contract work and auxiliary services. It also includes the company reviewing and integrating supplier engineering for equipment, and any other auxiliary and/or complementary services to be outsourced.

The expected term for the provision of services is 36 months, although this depends on the volume of work requested by the customer, based on its production needs in the Pendare field.

Looking forwards, there will be a need for interaction and synergy between various Techint E&C Engineering teams, particularly those from Ecuador and Spain. The team based in Quito will be drawing up the plans for the work to expand and improve the CPF, headed up by Engineering Manager Gabriel Martínez, and coordinated by Gabriel Vallejo and Henry Cueva, envisaging a load of over 55,000 engineering hours. The Seville team will focus on engineering services to develop alternative energy sources (solar and wind farms), foreseeing some 3,400 labor hours, led by Alberto Molinero, the Engineering Manager in Spain.

The range of engineering development tasks includes the expansion of crude oil processing capacity from 10 to 15 KBOPD (thousand barrels of oil per day) and water processing from 100 to 205 KBWPD (thousand barrels of water per day) as well as the implementation of the Gas Management and Use System and the expansion of the Heating System and the Electricity Generation System (oil/gas), for instance.

"This new contract underscores the synergy we’ve created with our customer and our ability to execute the works on time and to the appropriate quality standards," explains Gabriel Martínez.

In addition, as Engineering Coordinator, Gabriel Vallejo expresses that, "we’ve been working at Pendare since 2018, and we must honor the trust placed in us by Tecpetrol for this latest project."

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