Scholarships awarded for higher technology courses in Ecuador

The Pardaliservices Community Relations team (CORE) has delivered equipment and supplies to 11 high school graduates unable to access an undergraduate study, due to lack of financial resources.

Tecpetrol, through the Pardaliservices consortium, has awarded scholarship support, as well as laptop computers complete with hardware and software accessories (including computer antivirus programs and Microsoft 365 licenses) and backpacks, to 11 high school graduates with top qualifications unable to access higher education due to lack of financial resources.

The beneficiaries will study Tourism and Environment and Gastronomy, Accounting, Graphic Design, Marketing and Automotive Mechanics.

Flor Jumbo, president of the Pacayacu Parish GAD, expressed her gratitude and explained how important it was to accompany the children in their studies: "Responsible companies such as Pardaliservices make dreams come true for these 11 families who have limited economic resources, and they really help to make a difference in our province of Sucumbíos."

The initiative aims to contribute to professional training, encouraging young people to be creative and develop into leaders with entrepreneurial thinking, who are capable of solving problems, observing professional ethics and respecting the ecosystem.

Alison Hernández, a recipient of one of the scholarships, said: "We are eternally grateful to the company for this initiative, and we will not disappoint either them or ourselves, as we’ll take full advantage of this opportunity to be able to graduate in the subjects we’ve chosen."

"We are proud to be able to participate in the development of these children, who today have the great opportunity of making their dreams come true and achieving a better life through education," concluded Darwin Vega, Community Relations coordinator in Ecuador.


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