Photography: meetings on ZOOM

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in photography as an art form to deepen their knowledge and acquire new skills, directly from top photographers and specialists.

There will be a total of three Zoom meetings, each lasting an hour and a half, and no previous knowledge or experience is required. Participation is open and free of charge, so all participants need to do is sign up. Digital attendance certificates will be sent after the event.

The cycle begins on Monday, September 7, introducing photographer and teacher Juan Travnik, who will be commenting on the images from the Argentine Photography Exhibition 1850-2010 organized by The Jean Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. An extensive tour of historical and contemporary Argentine photography, which was hosted a year later by Fundación PROA.

The second meeting will be on Monday 14 September, an in-depth look at the work of four renowned Argentine photographers: Grete Stern, Annemarie Heinrich, Adriana Lestido and Cecilia Szalkowicz. The talk will explore the diversity of perspectives and resolutions involved in addressing the representation of space, both domestic and urban, from the 20th century to the present, examining the dialogue developed by images and their time.

The third and last class is on Monday 21 and is an invitation to see the city of Buenos Aires through the eyes of Horacio Coppola and Gastón Bourquin. The class will be led by the renowned Argentine photographer Facundo de Zuviría.

Fundación PROA is a private art center supported by the Techint Group companies. The Foundation also runs the Group's culture program at global level, and helps to guide the companies in organizing Film Festivals and Photo Libraries in their communities.


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Class 1 - “How do people see us? How do we see ourselves? "

  • Day: Monday 7/9
  • Start: 6 p.m.
  • Registration: (COMPLETE)
  • Additional date for Class 1

MONDAY 28/09 18 HS. Registration: 


Class 2 - "Looking into space"


Class 3 - "Buenos Aires in the photography of Horacio Coppola and Gastón Bourquin"

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