From beginning to end

The purpose of our work is to add value by bringing energy to communities, and our commitment is to do so while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Responsible environmental management is intrinsic to Tecpetrol’s exploration, production, transport and distribution activities, from start to finish: this is end-to-end continuous improvement.


Where there’s a challenge, there’s our energy

  • From the Patagonian steppes to the rainforests in Salta, passing through the Ecuadorian jungle, the Colombian Llanos and the arid Mexican desert... The challenges Tecpetrol faces every day are as diverse as the topography and landscapes where it works.

    The energy is there, maybe as much as 4,000 meters down. The test is not just to produce it, but to do so it with the future in mind. This is why we take care to plan each and every one of our steps: we perform detailed studies prior to undertaking any activities, and continuously monitor these to mitigate impacts. Finally, we undertake extensive work to restore and recover biodiversity in the areas operated. When we’ve finished, we review what we’ve done, because we always seek to improve on our performance.


Our environmental pillars

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    Design of special processes

    We believe that each task and each aspect of our operations must be specially planned, studying and analyzing all possible impacts to manage them appropriately in advance.


    Treatment of chemical products

    We have operational practices in place which instruct us how to handle and store chemicals.


    Using water responsibly

    We study different water sources, ensure we use water responsibly and treat it after use, and ensure it is disposed of correctly.


    Soil recovery and revegetation

    Soil restoration and revegetation programs are followed at each of our operations.

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    Responsible exploration

    We have adopted a range of specific measures to conduct seismic surveys and explore hydrocarbons responsibly.


    Waste treatment

    We separate and treat waste throughout our operations on a daily basis, according to good waste management principles: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.

Sustainability report 2021

Commitment to sustainable development

Tecpetrol is launching its Third Global Sustainability Report, containing details about its performance in areas such as social development, environmental protection, economic growth and governance over 2021. Followed by a year of great changes in the world of energy, prompting a huge growth in demand, Argentina today continues to shoulder the sizable responsibility of fortifying the development of its resources, particularly in the context of Vaca Muerta, as it centers its efforts on gas production. This energy source is both competitive and abundant, and, as it has a lower CO2-to-energy content than other hydrocarbons, will play a key role in the energy transition.

Thanks to the resilience and determination of our employees and of our broad network of suppliers, in 2021 we were able to achieve some particularly significant milestones and keep pace with all the changes in the way people work with speed and efficiency.

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How we take care of the environment


  • +300,000

    species planted

  • 400

    hectares of surface land restored

  • +13,000

    animal species rescued in Mexico

  • 68%

    of water reused in our process

  • Stephen WhartonHead of Environment

    Our goal is to accompany energy production by conserving the environment where we carry out our activities as well as possible.

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