Fraud in hiring processes

Fraud during hiring processes

What is it?

It is a sophisticated online scam whereby job opportunities are offered that actually don't exist. This kind of fraud usually happens on fake websites, or through unsolicited emails that pretend to be from a company but use public email addresses instead, such as, or
The recipients of these emails are asked to provide personal information and even make a payment to have their job applications processed, or cover certain expenses associated with applying for a position.

Beware of fake offers

Tecpetrol will never ask you to pay in order to process documents, certificates or visas, nor will it request you to pay application fees. Never send money to anyone suggesting that they can employ you at Tecpetrol.
If you suspect that you have received a fraudulent offer, please contact our Compliance Line. We take these issues very seriously and work together with the appropriate authorities to address them.

How should I act?

If you have been the target of recruitment fraud attempts where the perpetrators used the Tecpetrol name, do not answer them on any account.
Please report any suspected cases of fraud through our Compliance Line.