Tecpetrol and its sphere of influence Tecpetrol is deeply committed to its surrounding environment, including social development, environmental protection and the safety of its personnel, in all major concerns in its daily activities.
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Environmental protection

Tecpetrol takes a long-term view of its responsibilities in the area of environmental protection, undertaking specific activities to safeguard the land surrounding its operations.

This covers a range of different actions from environmental planning, erosion control programs and replanting embankments, integrated waste management, its oilleak prevention program and initiatives to reduce gaseous emissions.

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Tecpetrol pursues the priority objective of managing its operations to ensure that the physical integrity of both personnel and third parties is adequately protected.

The company is convinced that all operating risks and injuries can be avoided and thus controlled and thus applies best safety practices to try to avoid and reduce accidents and incidents to a minimum.

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Social development

Tecpetrol is committed to the sustainability of the communities which are part of its operations. To this end it carries out Community Action Programs aimed at helping to solve nutrition, health and education problems in low-income urban and rural areas, and supporting indigenous communities and special schools, as examples.

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