Exploration and Production

Tecpetrol entered the Colombian market in 2009 to explore the CPO7 and CPO13 blocks lying in the Llanos Orientales region.

Covering a surface area of 6,500 km2 (1,606,184 acres) the company plotted a seismic campaign of some 3,000 km, one of the most extensive ever to be undertaken in the country, and drilled 12 exploratory wells. It discovered the Atarraya and Pendare fields which are now in production, and there are still another 20 or so projects in the company's portfolio representing estimates of between 80 and 350 MMbbl of oil in exploratory resources.

Block CPO13 is located to the south of the Rubiales and Quifa fields, a highly favorable location as its neighbors are two of the most productive fields in Colombia.

Comprehensive exploration
Tecpetrol actively involves the local population in its drive to socialize environmental processes such as the EIA and the EMP, as well as sourcing skilled labor from neighboring communities.

2,800 km OF SEISMIC 2D
200 km2 OF SEISMIC 3D