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Our customers

Tecpetrol is active in a number of different countries in the Americas and is thus faced with a range of different challenges when it comes to oil and gas sales.

free access to production, its customers are the refineries or end-users who purchase the oil to make fuel. In Argentina its customers are the local refineries Refinor, Esso, Shell and YPF.

If there is any remaining oil, it is sold to traders or foreign refineries. Excess oil produced by Tepcetrol reaches the Gulf of Mexico and the western U.S., or even the Far East.

hydrocarbons to local distributors, electrical power generators, CNG service stations (compressed natural gas for vehicles) and industrial customers. Where Tecpetrol does not have free access to either oil or gas production, the hydrocarbons are delivered to the respective state companies such as Pemex in Mexico, PDVSA in Venezuela, etc.

Operaciones de E&P

Mission acomplished in México

Tecpetrol provides multiple services to Pemex in Misión Block. Since 2004 (start of the operation) Tecpetrol has achieved significant production increase: from 30 MMcfd to 115 MMcfd in 2010.