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Business Conduct

Tecpetrol's Code of Conduct and Business Conduct Policy establish guidelines in acceptable behavior for the relationships between employees and its customers, suppliers, government entities and other third parties involved in the company's business processes. The objective is to ensure compliance with the laws in force in those countries where the company operates, including those that prohibit corrupt practices and bribery.

Tecpetrol promotes and is committed to a corporate culture of transparency and integrity, based on ethical behavior and compliance with the law. The company´s leaders and the management assume an essential role in the transmission of these principles, which constitute the fundamental values of the company.

Tecpetrol has therefore developed a Business Conduct Compliance Program focused on preventing bribery and mitigating the risks of corruption, and expects strict compliance on the part of all its employees.

The Program establishes how to evaluate corruption risks associated with those countries where the company operates, and provides guidelines to focus on the prevention and control efforts on the most critical processes in terms of business conduct.

In addition, it considers the implementation of specific procedures which establish rules ensuring compliance with the Business Conduct Policy. These guidelines include an integrity assessment to be carried out when hiring representatives and critical advisors, in order to ensure that their principles of legality, ethics and transparency are compatible with those of Tecpetrol.

Tecpetrol regularly communicates and trains employees regarding policies and procedures against bribery, through online and in-site training sessions, based on their exposure to the risk of corruption.

Ongoing monitoring to ensure the effective implementation of the Program, together with the use of a Compliance Line as a whistleblowing channel that guarantees confidentiality and is available to employees and third parties, allow for possible breaches of compliance to be detected, and the necessary measures to be taken to remedy the situation.

This is how our Compliance Program actively promotes ethical values, encouraging employees and third parties to take part and act responsibly as members of a corporate culture where corruption is not tolerated.

Commitment to open and transparent management is part of the heritage and competitive force of Tecpetrol.