Patagonian Booklets (Only spanish)

Born as the telegraphic abbreviation of the company founded by Agostino Rocca (1895-1978) in 1945, the name Techint now designates a group of companies that operate in the field of engineering and construction, the steel industry, the manufacture of heavy machinery and equipment, the operation of public utilities, and the extraction of oil and gas.

A significant number of the Group’s activities are located in Argentina. As a captain in the Alpine Regiment during World War I, Agostino Rocca developed a love for the mountains that has remained unaltered throughout the successive generations of this entrepreneurial family. Through the “Patagonian Booklets”, Techint pays homage to a passion shared by every mountain lover, and contributes information on the splendid and little known landscapes of the Patagonia. Among the companies that make up the Techint Group, Tecpetrol is precisely the company that carries out the greatest part of its activities in the Patagonian region. For this reason, and bearing in mind the communities where the company has set up its facilities, the employees that live in such communities, and the students that are natives of this region and of Argentina, as a whole, Tecpetrol has decided to publish a re-edition of the “Patagonian Booklets” in the Internet.

Patagonia (Only spanish)

Through the "Patagonia" booklets, the National Parks Foundation continues to pay homage to those who, together with it, share a passion for the Argentine Patagonia. This publication, which is put out semi-annually, seeks to recount in its pages the adventures and expeditions of mountain lovers, and to contribute information on a region that accommodates landscapes of great beauty.